14 Days of Love

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Wow….only a month out from the release of HITTIN’ IT (which btw got 4 stars from RT mag! WOOT GO ME!).  http://www.amiestuart.com/blog/14-days-of-love-authors-and-books/Anyway….normally, I’m under deadline when I have a book release, and that kind of makes doing promo, not so fun, but this time…there’s not a deadline to be seen.  SOOOOOOO I thought it would be fun to give away something we all love–BOOKS!

Beginning Sunday, Februrary 1, 2009, I’ll be giving away books EVERY DAY for thirteen days. On Valentines Day, one lucky winner will receive autographed copies of my print backlist (including Sex…on Holiday! It’s my last one!), and a  $50.00 gift certificate to the online bookstore of their choice (Bn.com, Amazon.com, Borders.com or Fictionwise.com).

I have tons of brand new books that need a good home, I also have extra copies of Make U Sweat & I have some really cool authors I suckered sweet talked into joining the book giveaway madness here at the back porch.

You can find a list of authors and the books they’re offering up here. Yes, that means you’re going to win more than one book. More than two. Occasionally, more than three.

2. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in that day’s blog post. You may enter every day of the giveaway but you may only enter ONCE per day. If I find out someone’s entering under multiple names/email addresses, you’ll be disqualified and I’ll hunt you down and make you eat cold, 3 day old spaghetti.

3. For the first 13 days, you may only win once. For February 14, anyone is eligible, even if they’ve already won. I figure this is fair since there’s a gift certificate in the mix.

4. You MUST leave a valid email address.  

5. Winners will be announced every morning at the top of that day’s blog post. I will email you, and/or you have ten days to contact me with your snail mail address. I will not hunt you down.  If your email address isn’t valid, I’ll DQ you.  If I don’t hear from you in ten days an alternate winner will be picked.  Please put something like “Day 1 winner” in the subject line of your email.

6. Not responsible for lost prizes.This is, after all, the US Postal Service we’re talking about.

7. Most importantly of all, have FUN!!!!!

12 thoughts on “14 Days of Love

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  2. The covers are so hot on your books I think tha’s what drew me to your books. Nailed, Built, and Make U Sweat were such great books and I so loved reading them. I can’t wait to read Hittin’ It which is the next one on my list. I just love your books