13 Things I Have To Get Done By Tomorrow Night

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Since I have to make a list anyway………I’m going south for the weekend but first, an ubber boring to-do list. WOuldn’t you rather be over at Southern Fried Chicas reading those excerpts and guessing who’s who?

1. Pick up clothes from cleaners.
2. Do toes and feet so I can wear sandals
3. Get cash.
4. Clean car out
5. Make children get rocks out of trunk (I’m not driving 4 hours with three bags of river rock in my trunk–gas is expensive enough).
6. Make children clean nasty living room
7. Make children clean nasty bathroom (I do NOT clean rooms that I don’t dirty up)
8. Pack (usually for me this is an adventure. I already know what I’ll wear but…)
9. Find an alternative outfit for Saturday.
10. Wash car.
11. Herd cats inside so they’re not locked out for two days.
12. Get directions to hotel and conference place
13. Pack favorite pillow.

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14 thoughts on “13 Things I Have To Get Done By Tomorrow Night

  1. where you headed southwise? curious since i’m in a southernish direction. but you knew that and there’s no way you’d be heading anywhere NEAR where i’m at and not tell me, right? right? glad to hear you’re a picky pillow person too – HAVE to have my particular pillow or i can’t sleep.

  2. 13 a. CHOCOLATE Must get chocolate from Whole Foods!

    Rhi I’m going to San Antonio for a one day writer’s conference. I swear it seems like SA is the Aphrodisia mecca of the Southern US if not just Texas!

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  5. Get those kids workin’ girl! I’ve been on my two for weeks to get their room clean. Hope you have more success than I do.