You’ve Got the Look

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I’m doing some character descriptions over at SFC today just for fun!

Otherwise it was a quiet weekend. I wrote and finished up 24 season 5.

We had our RWA meeting this week–Candace Havens came and spoke and as usual she’s incredibly motivating!!!!!!
How was your weekend?

PS for my Battlestar Gallactica friends last night was boring, but more importantly, let’s talk about Kara. I found this….

Exactly. [laughs] Part of the speculation that’s out there is over whether Kara is a Cylon.

RM: “I think we wanted to discuss this because there is so much speculation on it, and it puts particularly Katee in a difficult position to deal with press. Obviously she knows what we’re doing and not doing and it’s hard for her to talk about it at all without giving anything away.

“We have some interesting twists and turns that is not as cut and dried as some of the speculation — some of the speculation sounds so cut and dried, ‘Oh, this is going to happen and that’s that.’ And it’s really not that simple. There are different layers we’re trying to protect and that we want to be able to deliver to the audience at the appropriate time.

“I can tell you this: After ‘Maelstrom,’ if you watch the main titles of ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ a prominent name will suddenly be missing.”

DE: [Cackles conspiratorially]

RM: “The other thing is …”

Wait a minute – someone’s name will be off the opening credits? Whose name?

DE: “Is that somehow revelatory to you?”

A little bit. Does that mean Katee’s names are off the credits?

DE: “We said something big was happening to more than one character, so you have to factor that in to whatever the assumption is.”

Speculation on the board has her slipping through a wormhole created by the supernova and finding Earth before everyone else. Personally I’d like that more than her being a Cylon?! BTW there will be a Season 4!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got the Look

  1. You’re a busy lady! WOW. :yippee: I’m working on revisions for the agent and then we get this thing off to some editors and cross your fingers that they are interested! :fly:

  2. I finally caught my first episode of BSG the week that Kara … (spoiler, but you know) I missed the first season, then didn’t have time to catch up so I haven’t been watching it, but after that episode, I’m hooked.

    Now I have to get all of the DVDs, now now now. :memememe:

  3. Karen this time chagne is KILLING ME

    Meljean–hey! I LOVE BSG and I think Maelstrom is by far one of my all time favorite episodes! :yippee: