Yesterday Afternoon….

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Yesterday afternoon my dad called to tell me that my grandmother, who I hadn’t seen since my mom’s funeral, passed away.  They lived in upstate NY and she’s been very sick for a long time–dementia and she spent the last ten days or so in a coma.  Dad’s having pretty major surgery on Friday so I won’t be heading to NY.  My grandmother was one of five children and the oldest.  Her father had already burried three children and his first wife by the time she was born.  They said grandma was so tiny and fragile she wouldn’t make it and so they kept her in a roasting pan right next to the stove to keep her warm.

Obviously she lived.  😀 And now she’s in heaven with my grandfather and my mom.  I’m thinking that’s a pretty good place to be.

I’m over at NAS today chatting

12 thoughts on “Yesterday Afternoon….

  1. Thanks Dennie and Raine!! I expect dad to come through with flying colors cuz he’s a tough old bird like that 😀

  2. Thanks for everyone’s good wishes. I wanted to let you all know that my dad’s best friend called and he came through his surgery just fine. The doctor found what he expected (IE no surprises though my mind boggles at the thought of having a carotid that is 80% blocked!!!) and he got the shunt in just fine. He’ll be staying in the hospital overnight. We’ll probably go up and see him this evening just to give the nurses a break from his horrible jokes and harassment LOL

  3. THanks MJ and Charli….took #1 son to see Dad on Friday night and he was feeling well enough to make dirty jokes with his best friend. #1 son has NO idea what he misses not being around those two–or maybe it’s a good thing he’s not. He should be home by now though I haven’t called today. Been out doing yardwork.

    Decided instead of sending flowers, I’m going to donate some money to the Alzheimers Asso in grandma’s name.

  4. Jst got word that my uncle followed my grandmother this morning. He was apparently very sick after having a stroke and not expected to live.