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Kink is done! It’ll be part of the BUILT anthology with Bonnie Edwards and Jami Alden in August 07.

*eyes word count meter to the left* It’ll never hit 100% because I only squeaked out 99 pages *sigh* It’ll just have to do.

I’m so happy to have a few days free. My cousins turn 3 on Sunday and my kids are gone this weekend. :fly:

18 thoughts on “Yehaw!!!!

  1. :tater:

    You rock, woman. Congrats on completing KINK. Title sounds neat!
    Happy Birthday to the cousins and have a great few days off!

    jan :lighterup:

  2. Yay on finishing!!!! And a big YAY on some free time. I myself am getting out of this house for a day for the first time since, hmmmmm, February? It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.

  3. Thanks Tess, Tracey and Raine!

    Jan I love it too–hope I get to keep it LOL Thanks for stopping by…and OMG everyone go check out the cover on Jan’s book like RIGHT NOW! :pimpn: s’what I’m talkin’ bout!

    Linda…wasn’t me. But I’d be glad to help 😆

    Bailey enjoy your time off! I have an apt with my CP to plot world domina–er a book this weekend so tehre’s no *real* time off, just time to decompress, read nad er clean my house. *shudder*

  4. Happy birthday to your cousin! It’s my b-day too. I’ll be 3 yrs old + 38 yrs. of experience. :memememe:

  5. Hey girly! Just picked up your hottie man book from Liquid Silver. Sorry in the delay getting it, gotta wait for Friday’s and moolah to roll in. Have a great, kid free weekend. I got one night without Emma tonight and it rocks!!! :yippee:

  6. Thanks Shelli! Hope you like it!

    ANd thanks everyone for the congrats. As much as I love D’Angelo I’m happy to see the end of Kink for a while :kiss: