Wow…Could I Suck Any More?

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So I’m over at NAS today talking about how I can’t be arsed to give a f*ck.

Otherwise, I suck and I’m a terrible blogger who really doesn’t have much to blog about. *sigh*

I did go see Race to Witch Mountain this weekend and absolutely LOVED IT!!! Granted I loved the original, I love Dwayne Johnson and I love action flicks–I’m easy. Plus I had kids all weekend and you know, in case you somehow missed it, it was also March Madness weekend so I watched a lot of basketball. Oh and my local library had their annual book sell so I hit that with #2 son and Jen!

I actually got some yard work out of them without anyone bitching too much. AND I spent most of Sunday night barfing my guts up (which is why I didn’t blog at SFC yesterday). So Monday was spent in bed watching DVR’ed stuff and guzzling ginger ale and trying to keep the dogs from smothering me.

So here I am on Tuesday and Friday I’m taking off work to go to the DARA conference which I’m really excited about because Agent Holly is coming! (And i get to spend the night in a hotel. I hate sleeping in hotels but I”m looking forward to no kids/no dogs/no cats/ no yard/ no dishes etc)

Except, the puppy has to be shotted and they both have to be boarded, I’d LOVE to get some weed killer down in the back yard before I go and of course there’s laundry and packing…..and I need a hair cut super-bad.

I got NO reading done this last weekend but I did get some writing/plotting done and I’m SUPER-excited!!!! So um what’s going on in your world?

4 thoughts on “Wow…Could I Suck Any More?

  1. Waaaaaaaahhh…I’m still sad about missing DARA registration. I suck.

    I’ve got 60k words to proofread by Thursday. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’ve only got 2-3 hours of free time per day…blah.

    Have fun at DARA. I’ll try to make it to the signing, but leaving Fort Worth at 5:30 and making it to Richardson by 7 just isn’t very realistic. Booo.