WIP Winners, Bloopers and Outtakes

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…from the writing cave…

In the bathroom, I finger combed my hair and used Cash’s tooth brush—hell it looked brand new—then wadded my face into a scrunchie I’d dug out of my purse.

Sadly, I actually edited that sentence to look like that.

While she hadn’t struck him as the needy type, his dick had steered him wrong before. .

I’m still crying over this one getting cut. But never fear, it’ll find it’s way into another wip or my name isn’t….isn’t…my name.

I waved a hand in the air, wondering if he had any idea how completely insane I found the idea of paying that much for a piece of clothing that didn’t have wedding vows attached to it.

A woman after my own heart.

Even under her tan I could see the hint of a blush. And Reecie wasn’t one to blush—normally. Jack must really be working her over. Go Jack!

Indeed……..this is one of those times I wished I was my character 😀

Lowering the volume and shifting gears, I turned into the moving company’s lot and parking next to Reece’s Murano. It was cute for a Mom-mobile, but now that Chloe was in college, Reece really needed to invest in a nice sports car—preferably in Come Fuck Me Red.

That is a winner on SO many levels! *pays homage to Robbie Jo*

“You’re about as subtle as a hurricane, babe.” with that, he turned his attention to his menu, lifting it high enough to block my view of him.
“No smirking, Cowboy.”

I hart you Cash

And hey if ya’ll don’t mind can we postpone Christmas like a week or so? Not only am I not done shopping, my house looks like it imploded on itself. What’s new in your world?

4 thoughts on “WIP Winners, Bloopers and Outtakes

  1. LMAO Raine. Well I’m waiting for the 3rd story in this awesome ass novella antho I’m reading. 😐 Hint. Hint. And I heart Cash too. And Robbie Jo. And even Carla. Though I wanna bitch slap Chloe.