Where Did That Come From?

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I know I posted about Loving Nailed…and I thought I’d dig a little deeper and give y’all a bit more behind the scenes. I don’t even remember exactly WHERE I got the idea from, but I remember playing with a lot of scenarios for my heroine Julie Burt–everything from child of deceased movie stars to woman on the run…which is what I eventually ended up with. In order for her to be on the run though, I had to have a good reason. Enter a pharmaceutical company that had a secret they wanted buried. The one element I KNEW I had to include was a cat named Clyde in honor of our old friend who used to come visit (RIP CLYDE). In the book, Clyde is completely PSYCHO except for when Wynn (my lovely hero) is around.

Clyde Loves Wynn.

And honestly, what’s not to love about a 6’5 enforcer? Really, Wynn’s quiet adept at getting information out of people. Sadly for Wynn he’s the bane of his father’s existence.

Why you ask?

Because he didn’t go into the family business. You see, Wynn Collier comes from an illustrious line of … hired guns. Unfortunately, Wynn doesn’t have the stomach to kill people–thus he’s the White Sheep of the Collier clan (and his mom’s favorite son but don’t tell John or Will).
He’s the third of three boys and has a theory on why he can’t kill.

By the time I was conceived, poor old dad didn’t have enough testosterone in his swimmers. So I got a lower dose than my brothers.

Sounds good to me!

Julie Burt, on the other hand, has no problem taking a baseball bat to Poor Wynn’s knee. She had this to say on the subject:

I knew just how to bust Wynn for hunting me down, breaking into my apartment and befriending that traitor Clyde. It’s a shame he’s so good in bed.

Yeah, right.

16 thoughts on “Where Did That Come From?

  1. Hi Amie!! Oh this is just neat!!! Looking forward to this! Too I love when there’s a pet in the story (I love cats, so looking forward to knowing Clyde’s personality!) I’m so sorry about Clyde tho, was he a cat you had that disappeared (run away?)

    I’m already in love with Wynn. I must go back in the blog to see the excerpts I missed! Too Amie, you pick out some great names for the characters…I’m already picturing them and the story!

  2. Oh I know what I wanted to ask, how did it come about for the title NAILED. What does the title mean? Thanks
    PS My “B” doesn’t always work so sometimes I may miss putting it in a word.

  3. Thanks CAthie….Clyde is based on a real cat that used to come visit us–he belonged to the neighbors out back and funny enough my own three cats really took to him–maybe because he was a kitten! I dunno but we still miss him as much as if he’d been our own. You can see a pic of him on my myspace page.

    The title? I’ll blog about that later this week! (and dont sweat teh B )

  4. Cut on the kitten! Love them. I have an adopted one from SPCA, and my daughter too got one as a kitten and had her taken care of with her shots and surgery and all. Her cat now stays with me all the time and she gets jealous that the cats just want to stay with me. I don’t know what I’d do without them!.

    Gonna go see Clyde on my space!
    PS I emailed you a few time Amie and you didn’t reply, can you let me know you got them? Thanks