Why I Bought My House

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I know I’ve talked about my bush before–I THINK it’s a peach tree gone wild but I”m not sure. Whatever it is, it loves 40-50 degree weather and right now, is in full bloom. It’ll stay that way until about June or so.


I have a post coming on the Mavs trade/shuffle but don’t have time to tell ya’ll how disgusted I am right now.spring1.jpg

5 thoughts on “Why I Bought My House

  1. I got not flowers…the boys busted my HUGE terracota planter the other day playing basketball–and the tree I planted in the fall has disappeared . . . freaky . . .

  2. And those are from last year. I took a new pic tonight when i got home. I really cut it down so the clusters are more concentrated. It’s Stunning 😀