What 10% Will Get You

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I totally stole this from TNG!

I used the auto-sumarize in Ms WORD and had it sumarize 10% of my current wip.  Here’s what it picked up……
“You missed me,” she breaths, a smile curving her lips.
“I’ve missed you, Ameda.”
“Micah,” she gasps softly, “never.
If I wasn’t careful, she’d pull out a handful.
Tears filled her eyes as the front door softly closed behind Micah.
Ameda had barely rescued them in time.

“Klaus, can you drive any faster?”

I call it home.  My friend Jerran calls it a gilded cage. 


WOHOOOOOOOO I hit page 50 (in like 10 days which is HUGE for me).  I wrote TWELVE pages to day (also huge) I lost 4 more pounds (in five weeks) also HUGE bringing the total to 22 and nearly 1/4 my weight loss goal. 


Can’t say I was too surprised to see Brandon go on AI but I’m sad.  I think he’s got potential he just never could seem to pull it together. 

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