Until Further Notice, You are Banned From The Gene Pool

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So I’m listening to the radio this morning on the way to work and KISS FM is giving away 500.00 Toys R Us gift certificates today then they segue into a story about a couple in Midland who went shopping at Toys R Us and …forgot the baby!

Now, I’m assuming they rode in the same car to get there when I ask, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET IN THE CAR AND NOT CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR CHILD IS IN THE BACK SEAT? When my kids were little, that was the last thing I did.  Worse yet, How do you get ALL THE WAY HOME and not realize you’ve left an INFANT at the toy store? Dumbf*cks.  You are officially banned from all procreational activities. 🙁
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no perfect Mommy.  I’ll even fess up, I’ve locked BOTH my kids in the car when they were little–we all do it.  It’s a rite of passage……so, come on, fess up.  Did you lock your kids in the car?  Did you have to call the fire department?  Did your baby roll off the bed?  I KNOW I’m not the only one (but at least I never left my kid in a store).

7 thoughts on “Until Further Notice, You are Banned From The Gene Pool

  1. Never locked the kids in the car, but when he was around 1, the oldest Monster threw the deadbolt and locked ME out of the house.

    Then he squalled once he realized he was alone. I had to climb in a window.

  2. They took two seperate cars and each thought the other had the kid til the met back home I think…. left it in the shopping cart I heard – but dumbfucks just the same!

    I have 4 kids – never left a one – lost one at the airport once but got him back.. – he walked off while I was buying him a toy in one of the shops…

  3. I was psycho Dad while my two were growing up. When I took them somewhere, I never let them out of my sight. The news stories of kids getting taken and never seen again freaked me out. They grew up okay, so my keeping close tabs on them didn’t stunt their growth or anything. My daughter keeps a close eye on my Grandson, which makes me a little less of a psycho Grandpa. As to goofy stuff happening, I never locked them in the car; but I remember stretches of time, no matter how close I was, they’d get banged up. You can’t prevent everything. Shit happens; but leaving your baby in a store, or on the roof of your car: that does not compute.

    I was getting groceries one day a few years ago, when a Mom with the cutest little girl of around three riding in the cart, rolled up behind me in the check-out line. She swore under her breath, and took off back into the store to get something she had forgotten. The cashier, who was a woman, just shook her head when we traded glances. The Mom was gone for five minutes! Of course we watched the little girl; but I remember grocery shopping every week with my son and daughter in the cart, pasting Chiquita banana stickers on their foreheads, and I’d have opened a major artery rather than leave them unattended.

  4. I can understand forgetting when you have 2 separate cars (still stupid, but more understandable). What I don’t get are those people who leave in the morning with the kid and then forget to take them to day-care and leave them in the hot car all day. :wtf:

    Nope, no kids to tell stories on, but my brother did let me roll off a changing table onto a hardwood floor one time. Maybe that’s my problem. 😳

  5. Bernard I was kinda psycho when mine were little too–and we lived in a very busy street. Even now at 13 I have a hard time letting my oldest head off on his own, on foot, to friend’s houses.

    Bailey I can understand loosing a child who’s mobile but an infant? I guess it happens but I’m still scratching my head.