Ty and Betti’s First Review

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Well Once in a Blue Moon got it’s first review. Ty and Betti did me more than proud :woot:

“This hometown story is unbelievably down-to-earth, sharp-witted, and exceptionally well written. Between the backstabbing, bickering, luscious gossip, and hot explicit sex, the readers will want for nothing….If you only read one contemporary erotic romance this year, put Once in a Blue Moon by Celia Stuart, at the top of your list! It is heartfelt and beautifully delivered…”

5 Hearts from Janalee at The Romance Studio. You can read the whole review here.

I’m giddy…not sure if it’s the review or cuz I’m sick :memememe: :memememe:

12 thoughts on “Ty and Betti’s First Review

  1. I’m giddy…not sure if it’s the review or cuz I’m sick…

    It’s the review. DEFINITELY the review!
    WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!! :woot: :woot: :woot:

    Congratulations, hon! I knew that book would do well!! 😀

  2. You’re one of the best and it’s about damn time you learn that. I love your stories. I love your characters especially Rowdy..
    So that review doesn’t surprise me one damn bit. You have more then what it takes….
    You inspire me, you take me places I’ve never been…. :uzi: You are the wind beneath my wings…
    I love ya girl and congrats….:woot:

  3. You go girl!! That was such great news. It’s a wonderful story and everything the reviewer said was TRUE. :woot:

  4. :woot: What a wonderful review, hon!! And so very true! You have worked your tail off and see, now it’s finally paying off! I am so happy for and proud of you! You truly do inspire me, doll. =)

    Hugs and xoxo!!

  5. This perfectly-worded review is stellar! :memememe: There’s simply nothing as delicious and satisfying as knowing that something we’ve written has touched a reader so deeply. Congrats! I’m doing the happy dance for you, Cece! This is GREAT! 🙂