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I should really quit watching it again but it’s hard with the kids out here watching TV every night. At least if I say they have to watch what I want, I don’t have to listen to The Simpsons or cartoons for hours on end.

Watched the encore of the season premiere of Bones last night–I’m up in the air but I’ll watch it again. Reunion has me hooked.

Coming up?
Monday, SEPTEMBER 19 — Medium
Tuesday, Sept. 20- NCIS & LAO: SVU
Wednesday, Sept. 21- LAO
Sunday, Sept. 25-COLD CASE & Crossing Jordan
Thursday, September 29- “Alias”
Thursday, Sept. 29-1 WITHOUT A TRACE
And of course the most looked forward to show? NIP TUCK!!!!!!! TUESDAY, TUESDAY TUESDAY! :woot: (Yeah yeah I need a life)
And the WB’s website says the Pilot of Supernatural is on Sunday at 4 Central time. Jordan recommends it so I’ll definitely have to check it out. I checked Yahoo-not sure which time is right but I guess we’ll figure it out. Has anyone checked out Invasion? It was created by Shaun Cassidy–yes I’m laughing because I had the most HORRIBLE crush on him but he apparently did one of my other favorite series–American Gothic (when are they gonna release THAT on DVD??? Hmmmmmmmmmm)

Any other recommendations?
Did you know you can set your Yahoo Calender to send you email alerts of TV shows? :kiss:

Must. Go. Write.

8 thoughts on “TV

  1. I loved last night’s (on CBS) Threshold. I watched mainly for Brent Spiner, but I got totally hooked on the show. And there’s other nice eye candy in Brian Van Holt. 🙂

  2. Tori I’ll definitely have to check out Threshhold.

    Silma, Silma, Silma…would I do that? :hideme: And Hey I’ve already managed 12 pages and one sex scene today :woot: I might just have to make it a blockbuster night to celebrate.

  3. I’m a big tv person, especially since I review shows for a few different sites. I really liked Threshold last night. I hadn’t heard of it before yesterday, but it turned out to be the thing I watched because nothing else was on. I ended up really enjoying it. I’m waiting for Invasion and Surface to premiere this week. I really liked Bones and Supernatural (WB) this week. I’m also curious about Commander in Chief, but it might be on the same time as my other Tuesday night shows. Of course I’m waiting anxiously for the returns of Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. Those shows are my loves.

  4. Monday is Medium, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday CSI and Law and Order. I am so hooked on them damn shows…I will just sit there and watch rerun after rerun…

  5. I didn’t know Shaun Cassidy was behind Invasion. I LOVED American Gothic. Creepy, but good. And yes, he was definitely in my crush zone as a kid. 🙂

  6. wow, how do you get anything done watching that much tv?? LOL. Procrastination at it’s finest 😆 Well, I guess it’s better than cleaning house to procrastinate!

  7. I had a crush on Shaun, too! I didn’t know he created Invasion. It looks good. I love love love TV, too. Wednesday’s going to be the rough night with Lost AND E-Ring. And I’m looking forward to Chris Noth on Law and Order CI.