True Blather

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Lots of this and that this morning….I’ve edited approximately 35k words on TCRA (and got a proposal off to my agent)!

Did anyone watch Heros last night? OMG!! It was fabulous!  Even though toward the end my son asked me how I knew who Claire’s father was and I said logic (or maybe it was the writer in me).  Was I disappointed that I was right? Um nope!  I think it was kinda cool.

Didn’t watch Prison Break (so no spoilers please!) because of basketball practice.

I have to ask here all you carpooling moms who lug your kids to school every day…what is the point of dropping your kid off in front of the school?  I mean, seriously does one car length make that much of a difference? Grrrrrrrrrr Irritating.  I kick mine out as soon as possible and don’t wait.  It’s much less rude.

Ok off to the day job!

8 thoughts on “True Blather

  1. Well, I don’t have kids so I’m not an expert here but … my guess is that these parents are the same ones who will block traffic in order to wait for 10 minutes for the parking space near the store entrance, rather than just parking farther back and walking. :yelling:

    Congrats on the writing progress …

  2. Did you say that you’re editing TCRA?? :yippee: I am sooooooo excited, it’s my FAV!!!!

  3. I don’t watch hereos anymore because I got tired of that girl in the cheerleader’s outfit wearing the same thing. She made me think she smelled funny because she never changed. Yeah, I’m a nutjob. I freely admit it, but these are the kinds of things that cross my mind. :pimpn:

    Prison Break rocked, Cece! You missed a good one. I’ll just give you a lil’ old teaser …


    Okay, just kidding. 😉

  4. I loved Heroes last night. It was the bomb. I didn’t know who the dad was until the end. How could I miss that? Ok, how about next week? Wasn’t it a little Stepford-wifey the way that Claire’s mom acted when she got home?

  5. LOL Rachelle I heear ya but if you have SMALL kids it can be a pain in the ass to get them inside. Big kids….they can walk!

    Kel…you heard me right! :yippee:

    Tanya she wore something new!!! And PB ROCKED!!!! Definitely some romantic tones there and I’m so glad Kellerman didn’t fall for the bulllshit trap!

    Scooper–it ROCKED!!!!! I knew at the end who her dad was. It really made sense since both of Micah’s parents have powers (and wasn’t that shit that went down with his mom weird?). Claire kinda looked like she KNEW mom got wiped too! Poor kid. I hope she gets out of there soon.

  6. I don’t watch Heroes regularly, just occasionally. LOL about her outfit. PB was pretty good. I think the next one will be better. LOST pretty much rocked.