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He’s 25:

Well someone said they tried this and it worked out great so I said what the heck. I love public safety.

Obviously not a writer with a handle on transitions. Personal ads….public safety. You’ve pulled me out of the personal ad.

My degree is my profession by choice. I am a FF/Medic and have been for the last 9 going on 10 years. I hope to someday go to the police academy also.

Remember he’s 25…

On to another one….

I am a professional man, live alone, never married and better not have any children! I am 67 years old, but you wouldn’t know it by the way I act, feel, and sometimes look.

I bet you DO feel 67!!!!!!!! :crazy: Talk about can’t touch this…….ICKYYYYYYYYY
NEXTTTTTTT–this one’s 25 also.

I have moved to New York from the UK now having got a nice job…I’m having lots of fun, but I still need that extra special person (if you know what I mean!)

blah blah blah I can’t get laid blah blah blah….:woohoo:
Next……… This one’s just a baby (23) so I’ll be gentle.

I’m a sweet guy who has problems dating I really dont know what to say to the ladies and sometimes I guess I come off lame. I guess thats why I’m single.

Honey, please. You’re hot. Find an older woman and let her take your hot young ass in hand and train you up right! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :woot:

Next a 44 YO Yankee

Im looking for someone to get to know me.

Ain’t we all babes……ain’t we all.

6 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. So CeCe what did you do all day?

    What’s wrong with them old men? LOL
    I was at a nursing home doing my clinicals and had to give a bed bath to an old man and he said “Be sure to powder the boys.”

  2. Hmmm…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ‘old folks’ thinking of themselves as sexual.
    But I’d wonder why a 67-year old man had never married…for most ladies–not happenin’, unless you got tons o’ money, & just as much viagra. :zipit:

    LMAO at ‘trainin’ the youngster there. Yeaahhh…:D

  3. Hollie! I’m screaming with Laughter at the boys! 😀

    Raine nothing wrong at all, but old men don’t work for me. :hideme:

  4. 😉 Yeah, hon, reply to the one who needs some training! :flirt:

    As to the FF/Medic one…well my ex started FF’ing when he was 16, and he is 30 now, so has 14 years in the biz…:poof: