Tidbits from Hell

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I am passionate person about life. I love people and always try to help. I would like to meet a nice woman who loves life as much as I do.

You’re also not much of a talker. Probably because you’re too busy shoveling dinner in your mouth (yes I swear to GOD he has a photo of him EATING! :wtf: ). No wonder you’re 45 and single. BTW he looks like that guy that played Jed Clampett (the Earnest guy) in the Beverly Hillbillies movie, but not as good looking.

Hello all my name is corey and I live in orange county I am 5’10’ 170lbs good build brn hr hzl golden eyes I am currently living with sick mother but am very close to moving out thank god lol.. But if you would like to chat and get to know me ok this time write an e-mail thank you

Corey is from Cali and he’s 28. He’s cute. But he lives at home. Don’t buy that “sick mom” bullshit either. His mom’s not sick; his ass is BROKE, 😐

I am extremely attracted to SSBBWs. So if you are 300 lbs to 1147 lbs let’s chat. I also love to be sat on bounced up and down on until I say “Uncle”.

Oh MY :zipit:

15 thoughts on “Tidbits from Hell

  1. …So if you are 300 lbs to 1147 lbs letÒ€ℒs chat. I also love to be sat on bounced up and down on until I say Ò€œUncleÒ€…

    bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaa!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Raine……………I’m not even sure how to REACT to that one. :memememe:
    It’s not the size desired or anything but the “bouncing up and down ON ME” that I just can’t quite seem to wrap my head around.8-)

  3. That one just tickles me to death…and I’m wondering about the ‘1147 lb.’ cut-off weight…
    Why not 1148? Why not 1200? :doze:
    And isn’t inviting 1000 lbs. to bounce up & down on you the equivalent of a death wish??! 😯

  4. I hate to bare my un-hippness, but I don’t know who Earnest is. And why is he eating food that does not belong to him?

  5. While these are too too funny to read, I can’t help wonder what they are doing to your girlfirend. You know, like if you live too close to a nuclear plant – you end up growing a third tit. I’d hate to see what kind of by-product these things leave on you…

    😎 Did I mention I have a working computer now…???…???:woot:

  6. 😳 I meant “YOU” not your.

    One day with a new ‘puter and I am already fimble-fingers…