Thursday Thirteen #4

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Or Thirteen Reasons I’m So Late Getting My Thursday Thirteen Up

1. I Overslept
2. The Dog Ate My Internet
3. I was Reading
4. I had REAL work to do today
5. I was Captured by Aliens on the Way to Work (Anal probings not near as bad as everyone says *ggg* )
6. Then I Learned to Fly A spaceShip
7. And Finally after Winning the Intergalactic 500 SpaceRace, I decided to come on In to work (Aliens can’t drive for shit)
8. My Local phone company (see at&t) outsources their support center and it took a while to get there and back
9. I walked to Work to save Gas and I just Got here.
10. I was too busy drooling over my box of books
11. I was Too busy doing tech support for AT & T
12. I was too busy talking to Vee on the phone
13. The F*cking POS was broken.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #4

  1. oh please baby – you were out playing on other blogs. Oh wait – that was covered under number 3. Okay, i’ll sign your hall pass.