This n That n Mommy Dearest

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Well Ch 1 is off to the CP’s for feedback.

What is it about my kids that they can’t leave me alone to work? For the first 18 months they did so good. Now since December when I took that ahem month off, they wont get out of my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of kids, I had another Mommy Dearest Moment this morning. When I walked outside at the ungodly hour of 6:45 toting a freaking bag of garbage, and discovered my children had left the mother ing sprinkler on all mother ing night!!!!!!!!

Needless to say it took quite a bit of yelling to discover the culprit–poor #2 who tried to blame it on his brother for showing him HOW to turn it on. Granted I did wake him up out of a dead sleep with my yelling.

Uh uh.

They will both be doing extra chores for the next month. My neighbors probably think I’m a maniac and my throat hurts from all the yelling.

Why can’t this shit happen AFTER coffee?

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