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I have gotten SO used to going to the dentist on Wednesday afternoons I thought we had an appointment today but it’s next week :yippee: Today is my early day so after I go see my wax girl, I can go home and WRITE :yippee: :yippee:

I’m blogging at SEX today! Forgive me, I couldn’t come up with anything else.

In the good news/bad news sector I heard from my editor. Sales loves the premise of Blue Collar Chicks but hates the title :crazy: …….soooooooooo I thought I’d share a few of the alternate titles my darling critique partner came up with

Get Your Drill-Bits Here
Coveralls That Don’t Quite Cover All
Butt-crack Babies and the Men That Love Them
Is That A Banana In Your Lunch Bucket, Or You Just Happy To See Me?

And from my crit group……..

It’s Better In The Dirt
Jackhammeres and High Heels
Tooling Around
Hard Hat Hellraisers

which of course made me think of HARD HAT HUSSIES (I know I know sounds like porn!)

And from Kel
Nailed :wowee:

11 thoughts on “This n That

  1. Don’t forget NAILED! :fly:

    I like Hard Hat Hussies too!! And Vanessa’s suggestions were great! ROF! :moon:

  2. :pleasepleaseplease: I ma trying to get everything put back on my computer – egads but technology stinks sometimes….

  3. Yah, on avoiding the dentist. :woot: I actually like your original title, but my bet is they’re trying to avoid alienating a large chunk of readers.

  4. Okay, Cece–I’ve got a few:

    Tools of the Trade

    Building the Perfect Erection

    Skilled in Erection

    Tooling After Five

    Rough, Ready and Rowdy

    Seduction by Construction

    All Geared Up

    Wired for Stimulation

    Drilled, Oiled and Equipped

    Hammering All the Way

    Bad Girl Builders

  5. LOL @ DAisy’s suggestions. I really like ‘Nailed’, though. One word, so many meanings…. lol

  6. I like Blue Collar Chicks, too. 🙁

    True Blue
    Feeling the Blue
    In Blue
    Blue Night
    Red Hot & Blue

    Hm. Seems that I’m obsessed with ‘blue’. Sorry about that. 😆