This Just In: Marvin Gaye Is Dead

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Not to sound disrespectful. I have all the love in the world for Marvin…and to be frank it was either Marvin or Jesus…maybe I should have gone for Jesus. Anyway I have to get a couple of things off my chest.

1. Yeah it’s real sad that Farrah died, but it’s not like she didn’t warn us. And as to her son being in prison and not being able to see her. Uh, why do peeps usually go to prison? *nods* exactly.

2. Yeah it’s real sad that MJ is dead, but the years of creepy he gave us (and Lord help me, I’m trying really hard to not judge and failing miserably), far outweighed his musical legacy–at least in my mind. And rumor has it he was broke.

So if you look beyond the fact that two pieces of my youth died yesterday, all you’re left with is this: a washed up actress and a broke, creepy singer died yesterday.

As Gwen Tweeted, “Wonders if OJ died today, we’d all be talking about what a great football player he was.” I said on Twitter, and I’ll say it again, I can’t think of one actor/famous person whose death would make me cry or upset me or leave me reeling. I feel a lot worse over the state of our country than I do about MJ’s death–soldiers are dying every day in a war I’d love to see us pull out of, people are losing their houses and their jobs and their cars, people can’t find work, and last I heard, the Governor of Texas declined to accept the extra Unemployment funds offered by the Feds.

I guess it just amazes me how everything can come to a screeching halt, and how everyone can come together to raise hell over Swine Flu and the protests in Iran (and I mean no disrespect), (or dare I say, the latest RWA ClusterFuck), but where were the protests last summer when gas was 4.00/gallon and food prices were climbing?

Exactly….We all just bent over and said, “stick it to me again. And please, less lube this time.” Anyone looked at the price of gas lately? Yeah okay so it’s only up about .50/gal but it went up in a 2-3 week period and that extra small bit you’re paying is going to equal millions for Exxon/Mobil etc.

Sometimes I really wish I could care less.

6 thoughts on “This Just In: Marvin Gaye Is Dead

  1. God help me I’m Miss Sunshine. I look on the bright side of things even when I know I shouldn’t. I need help. Michael Jackson may have been creepy, but he gave the world PYT (pretty young thang) That has to count for something.

    And, boy was he broke. I think I had more money than him at the end of his life.

    I think the problem with the country is that we are overwhelmed we focus on the stupid things. The problems in the Middle East won’t be solved tomorrow, and no one has a sure way to fix it–Kate has what looks to be a baby bump. We are in an global economic crisis and it looks better on paper than day to day life–Did you see that last episode of Dollhouse?!

    I think you catch my drift. Most of us can’t find the healthy balance of making a change without draining our reserves and completely ignoring the train wreck coming our way.

    Not sure of the answer. Will go twitter my thoughts…

    Sidenote: I made my 50 page goal. 32 on one story and 18 on another.

  2. Hey Melissa congrats on making ur goal!!!! I think u deserve some sort of prize! 😉

    Yeah things are bad but at some point we have got to pull our heads out of our collective asses and face the music or it’s funeral dirge baby 🙁
    I just think if enough of us would make SOME change, even a small change, that yes, it would matter.

    /idealistic rant

  3. So I just dropped in today to see what you’re blogging about & I walked in on a rant. O K A Y…

    I think Mellissa Blue may have a point – there is S O M U C H to deal with that we have to just turn it off & talk/think/obsess about trivialities – because we just don’t know what to do to make this all better.

    And while the loss of 6 semi-celebrities in the past week (go ask Bailey for the list) is sad if not tragic…. I’m so over it. Can we turn the page now?
    k thx