The Power of a Word

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Who would have thought a song called Handlebars…or as my kids call it, the “I can ride a bike with no handlebars” song, would actually be…good. The first time my son told me about the song, I laughed! I was like WTF! Then I heard it. Just wow…..Unfortunately UMG has disabled the embed feature but you can see the vid here on YouTube.

Must have for iPod. Band website here.

Happy Weekend everyone! It’s a Dark Knight weekend here!

4 thoughts on “The Power of a Word

  1. Hey Ames, see, I still have dial up (I came so close to high speed recently, unfortunately, every service acts like I live in Siberia (sp) Anyhow, I never get to listen or watch those things, unless I wanna sit here for 24 waiting for a broken up download. lol. So I’ll just have to guess what it sounds like, lol.

    I hope the movie (previous post) is as good as the last one (which was only Batman movie I dug)?

    And (cough) BTW, I’m throwing my dice in the (agent hunt) and writing new material for that breakdown inducing quest. I am finally free of the (hell) which I won’t mention because I’d say four letter words incoherently over and over and over. So my work, except for what I happily left where I left it, is mine again. I know went underground so to speak, network wise, to keep from spewing on all my beloved pals and critters, and lemme tell you, it’s been some long ass time on this Island. So in transition, and in celebration, rather quietly, I may just get my feet under me again and get something done before my freaking 48th birthday (next April, I’m setting that as a- give myself x amount of months to shoot for the moon thinggy.) Dear God, I must be crazy to start this all over again. Laughs hysterically’

    K- So I’m editing, just wanted to say hi really, and tell ya also I kept losing that AOL password and only JUST found your shout out from May. Since I peek over here all the time I knew the book was coming out, hee. But we gotta update our e mail addy’s girl, lol. I’m not even sure I have your last one?
    You can send it to me yahoo next time, I manage somehow to remember that addy PW.
    K-back to the cave, have a good work week. Later, D (or EvieMac) I answer to anything these days, 🙂

  2. *tacklehugs eviemac!* OMG Where you been girl? I am so glad you’re going agent-hunting!!! You are, by far, one of the bestst writers I know! I know the last year or two has sucked but if you can withstand that, you can withstand anything!!!! Love you girl!

  3. Evie, falls to ground, lets you hug me, lol. (Sniff) I’ve missed everyone.
    I’ve been plowing away, (Not plugging, thats too easy, plowing is more apt:) Writing alot, thankfully readers hung with me, and writing to stay sane and chanting to myself, I won’t give up now, I won’t give up now, not after waiting this long to do what I love. (rolls eyes) talk about drama.

    As to the praise (scuffs toes) I still feel like a hack and my pits sweat when I’m writing every single page. But somewhere in the getting down, I got stubborn enought to keep trying to grow. I hope, everything crossed, that I can do this gig for awhile yet, and please readers. You know how it goes, every writer goes through that It’s crap! day, then the Hmmm not bad, lol. keeps us humble, I s’pose.

    Speaking of great writing, I still say you have the bestus, voice I’ve ever read. I kept seeing those nuances in the ropers rule that blow me away, that did back in the beginning. That voice, my friend…sigh…It is vivid and unique. Take it from someone who reads a hellofa lot, I think you could write anything and make it your own. I expect you to, lol.

    Thanks for the mail check.:) It’s everyone’s morning and past me time to crash, my brain hates edits, it wants to sleep though them. lol So Im out for a few hours till my eyes uncross. I can’t even spell check at this point. LOL
    Later D (Evie)