The Potential to Offend

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Helen Kay said:

(This entry mentioned me but, honestly, does not say I am the problem – I am merely an example, I think): Not all writers are savvy enough to realize that bashing ANYONE can come back to bite them in the ass, especially if they’re not NYT bestselling writers.

After taking a second look, apparently I need to clarify something….Actually Helen, that entry that *I* wrote a month ago on someone elses board *smile* mentioned you because you were having a similiar (and as usual very interesting) discussion at the very same time NOT because you were or are ever a part of the problem.

What I said was Helen Kay has an interesting discussion on writers posting honestly about other writer’s work. I posted the link if you’re interested. As an active blogger I DO think about every word I put out on the net and it’s potential to come back to haunt me, but at the same time I try to not let it stifle me (obviously).

What I can’t figure out is how a month old conversation has anything to do with Helen’s post yesterday about the Secrets anthology? Which I’ve never even read.

Nevermind…I don’t wanna know.

Frankly the potential to offend is a discussion I’m sick and tired of. I know what I know (and I know a lot :woot: ) and while I do think long and hard about what I blog about, I’m not going to angst over my potential to piss someone off because I”m ALWAYS going to piss someone off. Somewhere. Sometime. Somehow. Such is life.

If I worry about how every little thing I say and do might piss other people off I’d end up in a corner sucking my damned thumb and never get anything done.

*P. S. I’d post the link to the entire discussion so ya’ll could read it In Context but I have a manuscript to work on and a website redesign to plan.

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