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March 2017

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The Cowgirl Rides Away

  • Publisher: Dancehall Diaries, Ltd.
  • Series: Bluebonnet Book 1
  • Release Date: 4/2015
  • Genre: Contemporary, Western
  • Available Formats: eBook

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“Everybody Lies” 

My name is Jessalyn Stratton. I’ve been riding the rodeo circuit since I was seventeen. Now, I’m a twenty-six year old wash-out, a has-been with a fake knee who’s never really dated and never had a boyfriend. Then I stumbled across a personal ad on the Internet.

Zack Boudreaux is a single dad living and working on his family’s ranch in Texas. He’s looking for the woman of his dreams and thinks he might have found it in me.

I should be riding off into the sunset, living my Happily Ever After. Except after months of emailing each other and sharing secrets I’d never told a living soul, I still had one last secret to tell.

Opening up to Zack was easy. Telling the truth could change everything.

Warning: this story contains a mail-order bride, sort of, a couple of secret babies (or 3), lots of hot cowboys and (a butt-ton of family) drama.

Please Note: The Cowgirl Rides Away is a full-length contemporary romance novel. It’s intended for mature readers, contains adult language, sexual situations, and content, but NO cliffhanger.

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“A great start to what promises to be an endearing family series. I was immediately drawn into the lives/loves/issues of the heroine and hero. The secondary characters deserve books of their own. I’m glad to know I’ll see them again! In summary — lots of heat with lots of heart.”
— New York Times bestselling author, Sandra Brown

“This sweet read will have you in tears as you take a journey with two amazing people that are able to find each other…through themselves.”
— Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“Seeing these two work through their issues, not only as a couple, but within themselves, is touching and it will touch your heart more than once in this book. This is a good read from an author that is new to me and I will surely be reading more of her work!!”
— Sheri, Netgalley Reviewer


I don’t think you’re cynical or picky. I think some people are happy with what life hands them, and that’s not a bad thing. But some of us want more. Then we risk missing opportunities because we’re so busy second guessing ourselves. And believe me, Hope honey, I’m not preaching. I’m just as guilty as the next person. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t just settle for a local girl. But then I wouldn’t have met you.

I’ve thought about what it might be like to meet you—more than once. Yeah, it would probably be awkward at first, but no, I don’t think we’d take any steps backward. I think meeting you could only be a good thing.

He sat back in his chair and debated how much to say. She’d either think he was a psychopath or a putz.

You can come and hold my hand anytime. Maybe it’s the artist in me, but I find myself wondering about the weirdest things. Like how your hands would feel. What you smell like. The texture of your hair and if it looks blue in sunlight. The sound of your voice. How you laugh. How you cry.

Do you scream when you come? He couldn’t type that last part, but he’d thought it more than once over the last month. And jacked off while trying to pretend it was her hand and not his. Or that he was inside her. Gawd!

He blew out a long slow breath, wondering if he had time for a cold shower. He read the email again, decided it didn’t sound too perverted and clicked ‘send’ before he could change his mind. Travis would be up any minute now, wanting his breakfast.

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