The Chill Factor

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(side note–I’m SO NOT a Diana Ross fan so last night’s AI was especially painful for me).

What is the chill factor? It’s that chill you get when something really touches you–for me it usually involves singing.  Phil, Melinda, Lakisha, Jordan all had chill factor.

If possible, Hailey just proved why she shouldn’t have made it to the top twelve, and for fuck’s sake SIT UP STRAIGHT WOMAN! You’ve got millions of people watching you and you’re slumped over like a freaking rag doll.  That dress was ugly.  And she was worse than Sanjaya (who actually wasn’t that bad last night–except for his hair and worse, the dangly earrings which I just hated.  Sanjaya has a problem many writers can probably relate too–he sucks at transitions.).

Brandon–what was that?  I’m still confused.  And saddened.  My heart hurts.

Chris–I liked his version but then see my note about not being a Diana Ross fan, same for Blake and Chris R (esp Chris R who I really like).  But I also agree with the judges that sometimes you really do have to let Motown be Motown.  I really liked Gina’s performance, I fast forwarded through Stephanies (Disco died for a resaon).

Overall an uninspired waste of my time.  Made worse yet by the fact that there was NOTHING ELSE ON!  At least DIRT kicked ass last night! 😀

5 thoughts on “The Chill Factor

  1. Sanjaya looked like my Aunt Golda …

    Mellinda is such a pleasure to watch. Lakisha did a great job. Those are the only two I remember and I think that’s what Simon keeps saying – you have to give a performance that people will remember. Other’s were good, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they did.

    As someone who has sung in public, my heart went out to Brandon and Hailey – it is agonizing to forget the words. I did that once while singing at a wedding – embarrassing.

  2. I have a confession to make – I’ve yet to watch an episode – l0l.

    How the hell have you been? And are you gonna come to Houston in April at least to say hello, or do I have to send you smutty photos of the Hunks via cell phone?

    :wowee: MISS YOU!

  3. Sanjaya scares me. Seriously. Last week his hair was actually flat ironed and BACK COMBED! :wth: ((((GAY!!))))

    I personally like Haley…she’s cute! =) I just had my hair done sorta like hers on Sat. with the side bangs and caramel highlights! I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Kel she’s cute as a bug but Simon was right–she’s totally forgettable!

    Sunny where the hell you been? Don’t feel bad I’m an AI virgin! :woohoo:

  5. Bailey LMAO!

    Sunny no Houston….I can’t swing RT mostly because I have no one to leave the boys with. You will see me at RWA if I can blackmail get the ex to watch teh boys for me. I miss you too. I hope you’ve been well hon!