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So did you watch the debate last night?

What did you think?

I typically don’t follow politics (I know shame on me, right?) and I’ll never claim to be uber politically savvy or particularly eloquen, but I am a middle class American.  I work a full time job and I write.  The ex and his wife also work full time jobs (the ex often more than full time).  So I’ve paid a lot of attention this year, especially in light of what’s happened on Wall Street in the last week or so.  I’ve seen the clips of Palin’s previous interviews so I wasn’t expecting a lot.

Yes, I’m going political so feel free to disagree with me. It’s okay….really. Whether you disagree with me or not I hope you vote because I think this election is the most important election in maybe 100 years if not ever. Get on the bus with Rock the Vote

McCaine’s 5k voucher for health care? Doesn’t affect me. However, and this is a big however, 5000k will not buy a year’s worth of health insurance for a family–at least not in this dimension. I work for a small company. My employer pays my insurance. If I lost my job tomorrow I wouldn’t be able to get health insurnace because of a pre-existing condition. And my insurance that my boss pays for? Costs almost 900/month. Furthermore, the voucher system doesn’t even address out of pocket expenses (if I’m wrong, please correct me). Two years ago I had to have an MRI. My cost? 1100.00. That’s AFTER the insurance. And I had to pay up front. I had to borrow the money to have an MRI becuase I didn’t have it laying around. Providing health care reform isn’t just about giving us alternate ways to HAVE health insurnace, it’s about giving us (and I mean us as in everyone) ways to pay all the out of pocket expenses that come with diseases like cancer which can quickly decimate a family.

And Palin…her “I’m so middle class, main street America and I get you” schtick…got old quick and did NOT endear me to her (not that anything could have).  I do not want to go get a pedi with her, or go drink with her, or join her book club, I want her to show me what qualifies her to step into McCaine’s shoes if he falls over dead. In that sense, IMO, she failed miserably.

Do I care that Palin’s a woman? Sure I do. And I hate her politics.

Am I biased? Yes.

Do I think Obama is the second coming of Jesus Christ? Honestly, no. But I do think he and Biden are the better choice–by and far!

Do I want four more years of what we’ve had the last eight years? No, cuz frankly, I don’t think my arse could take much more.

In the words of Chris Rock, I’m voting for the dude with one house.

And on that note, Raine’s asking what you think about our recession and the publishing industry.

18 thoughts on “TGIF!!

  1. I think you make perfect sense. 🙂

    I also thought she failed big time in the debate. Don’t be chummy with me, don’t wink, don’t bullshit me. I don’t want the girl next door (who lives in a house worth a quarter million dollars and can’t do without a personal chef) as my potential president.
    And don’t show up at a debate and refuse to answer questions–that’s what a debate’s for–and just subject me to a stream of rehearsed lines, and figure your efforts to be charming will do it.
    You insult my intelligence.

  2. The health care thing is such a scam. For millions of people, that would barely cover basic prescriptions. It won’t cover having a baby. It won’t cover jack shit. But hey, what do you expect from someone so out of touch with reality?

  3. I was in the process of buying a refrigerator during the debate, but they had every TV in the place turned to it. I really got tired of hearing “when I was mayor…” WTF? Like that is equal to “when I was President.” What about, when I was governor, I did my damdest to use my position to seek my revenge? No mention of the investigation going on about that interestingly enough.

    I think they picked her so Tina Fey could be her look a like on Saturday Night Live. Tina’s already got a good gig…

    The “soccer mom”, “middle class” spiel was irritating me and I wasn’t even really listening to it…

    Ok, my rant is over. (Did I violate the Hatch Act by commenting on this? I sure hope not.)

  4. (Did I violate the Hatch Act by commenting on this? I sure hope not.)

    No, you’re entitled to your opinion Lynn, lol.
    The sad thing is that, in Fey’s last skit, she repeated Palin’s words nearly verbatim–and got laughs.

  5. “I’m voting for the dude with one house.”

    I heart Chris. ::grin::

    Raine I’m so with you on the Walmart/hockey mom/just like me thing. wtf? Why would I want someone just like me in office?

    Just like me in terms of what? Even Hockey/Walmart moms can be underhanded, unfriendly, mean, selfish, try and get their brother-in-laws fired, drive big-ass gas guzzling trucks that cost more in payments than some peeps rent, have tanning beds in their basement, etc. So that phrase used as a shorthand for ‘likeable’, or ‘moral ‘or ‘salt-of-the-earth/down to earth’–ie *non-elitist*–doesn’t wash.

    Just like me in experience, knowledge, eloquence, analytical thinking, political know-how, media savvy; understanding international relations, historic national legislation, social issues of the day, energy concerns, monetary issues, the racial climate and differences from region to region on a national and international scale (just to mention a few things off the top of my head. How am I doing so far Sarah? Are you getting this all down?) Just like me in that way? How. Effin. Laughable.

    Lynn- Word.

    And now, the lone Canadian will back out of this discussion…. lol.

  6. ps. I’ll leave the health care stuff alone, because while our system isn’t perfect–wait times for certain services is a concern– we have national health care, so the cost of almost anything (aside from meds/private hospital room–and a personal healthcare provider might pick up most of that cost) is not an issue for the average Canadian. I was watching that Michael Moore film on the US healthcare system about a week ago. I know MM has an agenda, but still some of those stories he highlighted in his film were hair raising.

  7. >>(Did I violate the Hatch Act by commenting on this? I sure hope not.)

    Honey if I blogged about it, you can comment on it!

  8. Health care….will not be fixed until CONGRESS stops taking money from special interest lobbyists from pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. Did I say that right?

    Regardless, I’m guessing you know what I mean.

  9. PS by Congress I mean those who hold office taking donations/kickbacks etc from lobbyists/special interest groups. Ok I’m done now 🙂

  10. >>And now, the lone Canadian will back out of this discussion…. lol.

    But Sarah Palin’s yer neighbor, dontch know?

    Honey feel free to jump in LOL

  11. >>I think they picked her so Tina Fey could be her look a like on Saturday Night Live. Tina’s already got a good gig…

    Yeah, someone, somewhere was watching SNL while going over the dossiers of McCaine’s choices, probably saw Palin and went, “Hey, that’d be kinda funny. he he he.”

  12. Jaq, you belong in the discussion.
    Putting an incompetent in the highest office here affects the whole world on some level (the past 8 years are a perfect example).

    And if you’re referring to “Sicko”, EVERYBODY should see that MM documentary. I was stunned, even though my family lived without health insurance for quite a few years.

  13. Wow, I dislike all 4 of them. But Obama’s stand on not trying to save a baby who survives a botched late term abortion just turns my stomach. I picture a baby left to die and just can’t get behind the guy. Sorry, but I’d rather stay home than vote for him.

  14. Honey I love you but if Palin, who believes the bible is word-for-word true, has her way you won’t even have the right to CHOOSE an abortion 🙁

  15. I’m more pro-choice than anti-abortion. This has nothing to do with abortion. It’s the fact that he doesn’t want a baby who’s survived a botched late-term abortion to get treatment to save it’s life. It’s putting a living baby into a closet and waiting for it to die. That’s just plain wrong.

    But it’s only one reason I can’t support him.