#TeamTwitterNets Winners, Dollhouse & Goals

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First off, I want to thank everyone who participated and gave to Nothing But Nets.  And I appreciate your patience….heaven save me from sick children. Anyway…….without further ado the following people have won an autographed Amie Stuart book–your choice from Hands On, Hittin’ It or Make U Sweat.  Sadly my author copies of Nailed are running low.  Please email me your book choice and snail mail address at amie at amiestuart.com (I don’t like posting peeps last names on the net so I’m just doing last initial)






*ETA Three More Winners: Carole L., Kate Pearce and Michelle McC

Also I made myself a little challenge, which I did not meet, so I’ll be coughing up another 7.5 nets for #TeamTwitterNets.

In other news, words written this weekend–None 🙁 Ok maybe a sentence or two but that’s about it. I realized this AM I forgot to take my thyroid medicine (plus I was taking Claritin) which is probably why I was so wiped out. Plus last week was just LONG!!!I think I need one of those weekly pill things that old peeps carry 🙁

DOLLHOUSE!! Can you say OMFGWTFBBQHOLYSHIT?!?!? Thank GOD I avoided spoilers all weekend because I was afraid I’d stumble across something that would ruin it for me.  Son #2 came home and said, “I know who Alpha is.”  And I glared at him and insisted he not tell me.  I KINDA saw it coming, but I didn’t because he was such a great character and I was totally LOL@the pot.  Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh and Topher said Fracking! BSGWOOT! You know, I think this is my favorite Joss show so far *sigh*

Also started the new Kelley Armstrong book but I’m taking my time because it’s really good and I’ll probably have to wait a year for book three.  I’m milking it, yes I am.

MAY GOAL: 100 pages.  Starting now.

8 thoughts on “#TeamTwitterNets Winners, Dollhouse & Goals

  1. Oh I haven’t watched Dollhouse from Friday yet…but I will be doing that ASAP! Sounds like it was good!

  2. This is not my favorite Joss show, but this episode was a WIN! I caught when Topher said frakkin, too 🙂

  3. I hafta say, I laughed my ass off at the dude with the weed, you know… not saying too much just in case anyone still hasn’t seen it yet. I mean, he played it well and … the shocker later … I *heart* Dollhouse!

    Joss Whedon … brilliant

  4. Denise….word! I so agree….and yes, the twist was all it should have been.

    Joss = God

  5. OMG, I don’t believe it. I disappear into my cave for a few days and look what happens! I’ll send you an e-mail. Thanks, Amy.

    Sorry you didn’t hit your goal on the nets. 🙁