Goin To Hell

But Steph said she’d save me a spot. :woot:

So you know, recently I moved.
Told not-so-small children, “No food or drinks in your room. Contracts to that affect forthcoming. Playstation mine, if caught. Playstation SOLD, if caught. (And I’m keeping the money). Comprende?”

Not-so-small Children: “We Comprende.”

So I have caught #1 with drinks (and evidence of eating activities) in his room twice now. Since we don’t have new floors yet, I let him off with warnings. I said, “Catch you again, it’s mine, si?


So last night boychildren are wrestling in #1’s room and someone gets hurt (never mind that I’ve told them 6,945,893 times NOT to wrestle in the house. I blame this sad addiction to wrestling (and wrestling each other) on their dad (who probably thinks its real). Anyway, so I trot down the hall and in the middle of forbidding boychildren from watching wrestling for a month (I’m MEAN MEAN MEAN :smokin: ) my eyes land on an empty glass…sitting right next to a full glass of tea.

It was like something out of Mommy Dearest. “NO MORE GLASSES IN THE BEDROOM! YOU WERE WARNED! THE PLAYSTATION IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

No, Mommy No! There was arm-tugging and wailing and screaming and….damn for a while there I thought I had little girls.

It. Was. Ugly.

#1 is still barely speaking to me, I’m gonna go to hell but before I go, I’m selling that :hushup: playstation and I’m buying myself something really cool with it. Something I can hold up and go “there’s your Playstation boys.” With all the games and controllers and memory cards and stuff I might have enough to get a new baker’s rack for the kitchen.

Wouldn’t that just be a hoot. :woot:

A Quickie and A Sale

I know I said I’m not a joiner but I was so impressed with Sasha’s feedback on Liquid Silver Books, I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

They made an offer on my novella, Dancehall Diaries: Lynette (the WIP formerly known as Starting Over–heavily, and I stress heavily, revised) and I accepted. YEAHHHHHHHHHH :woot: :woot: :woot:

As soon as I get a publication date, I’ll post here. I’ll also get a new excerpt up ummmmm soon.

In other news, we close on the house Wednesday and I’ve been packing and cleaning and packing and cleaning. I’ll be spending Memorial Day painting. :moon:

And I’ve got some other requested material to get out but it’s going to have to wait until after the move.

I hope everyone is doing well!!!!

The Potential to Offend

Helen Kay said:

(This entry mentioned me but, honestly, does not say I am the problem – I am merely an example, I think): Not all writers are savvy enough to realize that bashing ANYONE can come back to bite them in the ass, especially if they’re not NYT bestselling writers.

After taking a second look, apparently I need to clarify something….Actually Helen, that entry that *I* wrote a month ago on someone elses board *smile* mentioned you because you were having a similiar (and as usual very interesting) discussion at the very same time NOT because you were or are ever a part of the problem.

What I said was Helen Kay has an interesting discussion on writers posting honestly about other writer’s work. I posted the link if you’re interested. As an active blogger I DO think about every word I put out on the net and it’s potential to come back to haunt me, but at the same time I try to not let it stifle me (obviously).

What I can’t figure out is how a month old conversation has anything to do with Helen’s post yesterday about the Secrets anthology? Which I’ve never even read.

Nevermind…I don’t wanna know.

Frankly the potential to offend is a discussion I’m sick and tired of. I know what I know (and I know a lot :woot: ) and while I do think long and hard about what I blog about, I’m not going to angst over my potential to piss someone off because I”m ALWAYS going to piss someone off. Somewhere. Sometime. Somehow. Such is life.

If I worry about how every little thing I say and do might piss other people off I’d end up in a corner sucking my damned thumb and never get anything done.

*P. S. I’d post the link to the entire discussion so ya’ll could read it In Context but I have a manuscript to work on and a website redesign to plan.