More Stupid Things I Have Seen

Sci-Fi is showing “the world ended” kinda movies… now this one on is about “the big one” the earthquake that breaks California off into the ocean. So this big ASS earthquake hits Seattle and when it’s over, this woman’s PHONE RINGS……not just a phone but a CORDLESS PHONE.

Can someone explain to me WHY her phone still worked?

THEN this rogue geologist (same one who’s phone rang) is out in the field and they find a gas pocket (granted it was in a river) but they ran for the SUV and were so overcome with gas the guy passed out in like 5 seconds flat while the woman is digging around. Once she finds the gas masks, she starts the truck and takes off.

And I’m no expert but I’m thinking WHY didn’t the truck blow up if the gas was that thick?

All they needed to complete the picture were some of Larissa’s wolves. 😕


Sharks smarks….bring on the wolves!

Sorry I had to do it.

What’s next….truck tits?

Sylvia’s guest blogger posted about well-meaning family members who think we should write real books. This is something we all do or will face. It’s a given. Either family or a good friend will open their big mouth.

I made the decission when I sold to Black Lace I wasn’t going to keep quiet. But I wasn’t going to sing it from the roof-tops either. If someone asks, if the opertunity is there, fine I’ll tell them, but otherwise, it’s no one’s business. I did tell my dad and step-mom (by email 🙄 ) and got a phone call. They were just happy I’d sold something, and while they’re religious they’re not Nazi’s about it. I even sent them the cover 😀 . But I know someone in my family, will at some point, say SOMETHING. And I’m ready.

Are you? What do you say? How will or have you handled it?

My take is: Writing is hard work, no matter what genre you choose to write in, and it deserves a certain amout of respect even if you don’t agree with what I write. So if you can’t say something nice STFU.

Okay I wont say STFU to my relatives, how’s that? LOL