LBLI Workshop Question

So I’m planning at least one workshop for Left Behind and Loving It but I’d like to do more than give away books and gift certificates. I’d like to do something that would help an author out.

Would the writers out there be more interested in me giving away a couple of query critiques or maybe me critiquing the first five pages of your work??? I”m totally game and would love to do this, so please leave your thoughts below!

Otherwise, it’s hotter than Hell here and the kids being out of school are totally throwing me off schedule.  Not to mention a tree fell on the house–we’re fine.  It wasn’t actually a tree, more of a branch–that’s as big as a tree and taking up half my back yard. Pics to come as soon as I find the camera cord.

At least I’ve been reading:

Shoot the Moon by Billie Letts

Wake by Lisa McMann (picked up Fade at Target this morning.  U would be proud-I only bought one book)

Red’s Hot Honky Tonk Bar by Pamela Morsi (which I got in the mail from Borders yesterday).  Yes I”ll admit it was the cover that caught my eye 😀

I told Jackie it’s really sad–I got two books yesterday, Wake and The Neighbor less than a week ago,  Need by Carrie Jones, which I still haven’t read, about a month ago and at least half a dozen from the UBS about five or six weeks ago.  In my defense I HAVE read some of them! LOL

Oh and HAYYYYYYYY My Pimpin Poobah vid is up at Ann Aguirres!