Sharks smarks….bring on the wolves!

Sorry I had to do it.

What’s next….truck tits?

Sylvia’s guest blogger posted about well-meaning family members who think we should write real books. This is something we all do or will face. It’s a given. Either family or a good friend will open their big mouth.

I made the decission when I sold to Black Lace I wasn’t going to keep quiet. But I wasn’t going to sing it from the roof-tops either. If someone asks, if the opertunity is there, fine I’ll tell them, but otherwise, it’s no one’s business. I did tell my dad and step-mom (by email 🙄 ) and got a phone call. They were just happy I’d sold something, and while they’re religious they’re not Nazi’s about it. I even sent them the cover 😀 . But I know someone in my family, will at some point, say SOMETHING. And I’m ready.

Are you? What do you say? How will or have you handled it?

My take is: Writing is hard work, no matter what genre you choose to write in, and it deserves a certain amout of respect even if you don’t agree with what I write. So if you can’t say something nice STFU.

Okay I wont say STFU to my relatives, how’s that? LOL