Tsk Tsk

Here we go again…..A 41 YO male.

A Debonair Professional (well educated) Gentleman seeking a SERIOUS minded Female that is not into playing GAMES.

It’s not THAT, dipwad, it’s WHO. A serious-minded female (female is NOT a proper noun btw) WHO is not into playing games. What he’s really saying here is I’m a pretentious mother fucker but I’m not too bright, despite my masters degree. I’ve been burned.

I do not play with emotions and I expect the same in a Female. I am GOD fearing and down to earth.

You and everyone else on the planet. *snort*. It’s not God you should fear; it’s your fellow human beings. They’re a hell of a lot scarier.

I LOVE sports, plays and movies. I am a tried and true Romantic. I enjoy cuddling and stimulating conversations.

I’ll make you a football widow and you better obey me. Foreplay–3 seconds.

I LOVE to be in the company of HAPPY People and smiling FACES. I have been told that I have the persona of one that should be on the Comedy circuit. I am not a PAIDED Member as of yet, however, I have STRONG intentions to become one VERY SOON.

People tell me I’m funny because they’re too scared to tell me I’m not. I’m a mean mother fucker and I will make you laugh.

I know what MOST SERIOUS Women are seeking and you need not seek any further. Again, NO GAME PLAYERS or GOLD DIGGERS, PLEASE!Beauty is SKIN DEEP. Also, I have the ability to travel extensively. I am a Juvenile Probation Officer. I have no PROBLEM with women that have children, as long as YOU keep them respectful and in check. Peace and a Long Life..

Somehow future comedien and Junveile Probation Officer don’t meld in my mind. And it’s “women who have” not that….What he’s really saying here is he a uppity mother :hushup: hasn’t got a :hushup: clue what women want, and he’s nothing to write home to Mom about in the looks department (or in bed). He’s been burned a lot –probably by gold diggers with kids. Which he hates by the way and the only reason he doesn’t quit his job is because he likes the power trip. And he has a lot of frequent flier miles with Southwest Airlines. Someone better snap him up. :loser: