No Steph

The novella went out on Friday, so no Steph I’m not finishing it up. Feel free to send Jake though, I could use the help packing.
Michelle I know. I have a big mouth, huh?

Thank you everyone for the ass-kickings but I’m tired.
In the last 21 months I’ve started 9 manuscripts (two of which I only have 25 pages of).
Finished four (including one novella)
Rewritten one
Revised three
Pitched to an editor
Hunted for agents
Racked up nearly 100 rejections
Hired an Agent and then fired an agent.
And yes, placed in about 6 contest (out of 40 which aren’t very good odds).

I’m tired in ways I can’t even describe, and I have absolutely no desire to write right now, nor hunt for a new agent 😡 . So for the time being, I’m going to focus on getting Dreamweaver’s website built and get the store room cleaned out before my boss comes back.

How RUDE!!!!!

They’re the bottom-of-the-barrel manuscripts, stories mainstream and even romance publishers don’t want, occasionally issued as paperbacks but far more often released as eBooks by authors with insufficient resources to publish them as anything else.

You can read the rest here, though to be honest, there’s not much else to read. I know everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but I thought this was a bit harsh.

And if you make it through that scroll down to #12:

If it’s not bad enough that Americans are reading less, now major publishers are getting on the “street lit” bandwagon, publishing titles by illiterate authors likely to reinforce the lack of communication skills of the ghetto residents to which the titles appeal.