I’m tired and lazy and busy, thus the quizzes. I did all the laundry yesterday and cleaned the hellion’s room. I tried to come up with a 10 things list like Steph…but only found two 🙁

My oldest developed a rash on Sunday. Turns out he’s got shingles. Can anyone say Cha $$ Ching?

So I have nothing newsworth or fun to report. I’ll leave you with this. Bless, Miss Kentucky Fried, whoever she is (I can’t believe I clicked through 50 pages of lost frog pictures. 😆

P. S. The new LAO comes on tonight. WHY do they schedule open house on LAO night?

Stumbled on this

Your Love Number is


You are a creative and expressive lover – a true romantic at heart.
An introspective soul, you know exactly how your ideal relationship should be.
But if you don’t get that ideal, you tend to get a bit pouty and dramatic.
You need someone who can roll with the punches, that’s for sure!
What Is Your Love Number?

Oh and the new LAO starts tomorrow!!!!!! 😀