Shan has a great post on character charts…which I sometimes use, though not so much anymore. I was gonna post another reply but thought I’d make it a blog entry instead.

In FU Stephie’s best friend (and no I didn’t name her after Steph, I wanted her to have a real white bread name 😆 ) works up a Numerology chart for her, which I really did. Now, I didn’t pick Stephie’s name to get any particular results, but I was amazed to find that a lot of the stuff that came up did fit her. So for fun I thought I’d post some (I’ve snipped out some of the dialogue).

“First is your Inner Self. This is like your deepest desires and it can have a huge impact on your life. Your Inner Self is a 5. Your greatest desire is personal freedom. Freedom in every aspect of your life,” she added with a pointed look that left me squirming. “You’re easily bored and you don’t like to be tied down.”

“On the downside, it’s hard for you to take your responsibilities seriously. Next is your Outer Self, or what you show the world, the people around you. This also involves your greatest talents and abilities. Yours is a 2: You appear sweet and shy—”

“You don’t like to be noticed. You go with the flow in a crowd. You’re very sensitive—”

“…now stop interrupting. You like detail work and order, are conservative, have an analytical mind. You’re tactful, diplomatic and patient. Which explains why you’re so good in customer service.”

“Your Heart Self, or your heart’s desire is a 5 also. You want adventure and you’d like to travel alot. You’d love nothing more than to be free of responsibilities…ahem…that would hold you in any one place or situation. Keywords are change, excitement, stimulation, challenges.”

“This goes with your Inner Self and desiring freedom and not wanting responsibility.”
“I’m responsible!”
“The Key,” she began with another pointed look. “This is a tool for inner guidance and can open the doors of life for you. Yours is a 7. You can accomplish things through analysis, research, inner guidance, spirituality, perseverance, refinement, wisdom, a desire for perfection and quality. Experiences should be met with inner peace, sensitivity, faith, poise and wisdom.”

. “Your Subconscious Self tells how you respond to situations and relationships. This deals with emotions and automatic, gut-level reactions, like slamming on your breaks when you nearly rear-end someone.”
“Knee jerk reactions, you mean?”
“Yeah…for you this is also a 7. You react to situations with seeming indifference. You may appear unemotional, aloof and almost uncaring but underneath you are sensitive, feel deeply, sympathize, and care very much. You analyze everything and usually see all sides. How many times have you refereed a fight between myself or Jilly?”

“You’re also secretive, well-balanced, and often technical in your approach to things. In emergency situations, your response is to pray.”

“The first Vowel of our first name at birth has a great influence on your spiritual outlook. The “Receptive E” like in Betty, Jenny, or Fred is you. You can search so hard that you fail to see what you find, which usually makes you even more frantic.”

Interesting side note, this last one is a lot of what propels Stephie AND the first vowel is the same in her adoptive and birth name (again this wasn’t deliberate).

“Karmic Lessons. Yours are 4 and 6 : I think those are pretty self explanatory…unless you need me to explain Karma to you,” Vanessa offered with a smile.
“I know my way out,” I said softly. After the last revelation I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the next two.
“Okay, okay! 4: In the past you have disliked work–the slow, building, manual kind. You have avoided it by choosing life situations where it wasn’t necessary because manual labor represents physical strain with little to show for it. You have failed to learn self-discipline—“ Mom snorted and Vanessa smirked as she continued, “–organization and routine. In this life you will be forced to work to achieve anything.”
“Interesting,” Mom mumbled.
Yeah, real interesting. “Guess we know why I hate vacuuming.”
“6: You have been overly concerned with yourself and to the point you’ve refused to accept responsibility—“ that one got me another pointed look from Vanessa. I was beginning to hate the “R” word, “–burdens and obligations. You haven’t bothered to finish whatever you have begun and have wanted no part of unions, partnerships, or close associations. You know nothing of giving service or of devotion. Until you learn to accept responsibility, and to do so willingly, life will be frustrating because obligations will be forced upon you at every turn. You will need to learn the value of home and family and of creating an atmosphere of harmony. If you fail to learn the lesson of being a good mate, the union will most likely end, leaving you feeling guilty and unhappy.