Thank you Thank you Thank you

Thank you everyone for the congrats!!!!! I’m pretty excited.

Sorry for not responding sooner, we ran into a snafu w/the house but we are closing tomorrow (thank you GOD).

I took the kids to see Star Wars yesterday (it was a last day of school treat)……though treat is in the eye of the beholder. If you didn’t read Vanessa’s review, I think she covered it pretty good. I really wanted to enjoy the movie but Ani’s unwashed hair was a huge distraction. What was UP with that? The pacing was slow, Lucas could have easily cut 30 minutes and it would never have been missed. The special effects didn’t bother me but some of the fight scenes were shot too close up.

The dialogue was LAUGHABLE


*Ewan Macgregor ROCKS!!!

Check! :smokin:

*WTF happened to Padme?

WTF happened to the great clothes? And I agree on the rapid pregnancy.

*If you’re on the fence about seeing this one, don’t.

definitely a Meh movie. National Treasure, on the other hand, cost less, and was worth the 2 hours. 😆