First Real Post of the New Year

Yeah, that took a while! LOL
First, hearing good and bad about Book of Eli. Thoughts? And Legion…please God don’t let it suck when it comes out. Going to try and drag one of the boychildren to see Daybreakers tomorrow since it’s a holiday.

Now stealing this from Tanya at SFC:
I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO READING: Lawd…go here to see my list (if you somehow missed it)

STAR TREK! And all the other action/sci-fi movies we got for Christmas. Yeah such a nerd! LOL

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO PLAYING: new music from Glee! Sue me! I LOVE music–almost as much as books

I WANT TO EAT: Lot’s of salad and sea food–agreeing with Tanya here. I want more sushi!

PREDICTIONS: Like Tanya I think print newspapers will continue to go the way of the dodo. Ebooks may thrive but I think there will continue to be a LOT of upheaval in the industry (probably for the next couple of years) before things settle down. And my ass, too, will continue to spread.

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING:Sherlock Holmes, The Legend of Eli, Legion and The Wolfman. Oh and Percy Jackson and the Olympians! WOOT! and the remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS!

I’M ALREADY SICK OF: Lovely Bones commercials. Enough already!

THIS YEAR I’D LIKE TO: Um I see lots of rewrites in my future this year. Currently reworking an old manuscript and probably going to rework a couple of others. As goals go, I’d love to get a couple more free shorts done/up but I think I’m going to abstain from any hard and fast goals this year.
What about you?