Sunday Snippet

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Zoe gyrated in her whore heels while she scanned the bar, looking for her next meal.  Anyone looking at her would think she was an irresponsible, drunk college girl out for a good time in a bar filled with the hip, the cool, the high…“adults” who worked hard and blew off steam by snorting (cheap) coke and drinking premium booze.  Truth be told, the so-called edgy people around her were dismayingly similar to the edgy people in Atlanta, and New York, and L. A. …that was to say, not edgy at all.  But very stupid and definitely careless.  It made finding a meal that much easier if you weren’t picky, and your feet didn’t hurt.

Truly, she missed the good old days when healthy humans hadn’t been so hard to find and they’d had communion at home as a family; they said their prayers and drank to the goddess and her consort.

Zoe waved at Peter, glad he’d joined her on the evening’s hunt.  Maybe he’d have better luck than her.  She really hated feeding from someone who was high, so much so, she’d almost rather feed from a homeless person.  Coke made the blood bitter and left her with the shakes and a terrible headache; whiskey just made the blood a little sweet and gave her a buzz, which wasn’t so bad, but so many were crazy or drug addicts.  And there were worse things than coke to ingest — blood-born diseases like Hepatitis and AIDS.  Both incurable in humans and vampires alike.  They’d lost almost a dozen children just two years back thanks to tainted blood.

If it wasn’t for Peter, she’d head back to Europe in a heartbeat.   Forty years they’d been bound together as husband and wife and hunting for younglings for Lucien.  The Cabal hadn’t seen fit to bless them with children, which was fine considering the current difficulties involved in finding good, clean blood to drink.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet

  1. OMG stop writing stuff about me and Peter. Geez.

    Just kidding. I know it’s not really about me. Though I stand by my firm belief that there can be only one Zoe. Like Highlander.

  2. hahahahahahaha. 😛 It’s okay… it took me months and months to realize that “Dear Author” is called that because the reviews are written like letters to the author. I always thought it was more like patting authors on the head and going ‘tsk tsk’ this is what you’re doing wrong. hahahahahahaha