Smoking Update

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This one defintely has to be filed under Bitch 😀

Monica–isn’t Zyban also Wellbutrin? I took Wellbutrin for two years(chronic depression) and smoked like a freight train. 😕 Shan I do believe a lot of it is mindset, but I won’t preach to the choir. The last time I quit was just EASY. I’d just finished my first manuscript and thougth “If I can write a manuscript, I can do anything–including quit!”

Suzanne…my biological grandfather died at age 70 of lung cancer and smoked till the day he died. I’ve heard lung cancer is awful (not to mention Monica and Hollie’s comments!) and I don’t want to go like that. For anyone interested, this is what I’ve used to help kick the habit–I used it last time too 🙂 .

Was incredibly grumpy Sunday night and Monday morning, :undecided: ) but the kids survived. Went to bed early with a headache. Throat’s rough. Smoked 6 ciggies Monday, about 1/2 at a time. It was defintely more about the “light up habit” than really wanting one.

So far only two today but I couldn’t even finish the second one. It was like sucking a tailpipe–go figure. 😆

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