Smell That?

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That’s the smell of Fresh Fiction! Ya’ll stop by if you get a chance…I’m talking character names.

Sooooo I stayed up (way too) late last night watching LOST (from Wednesday and Thursday)…..I have to ask ya’ll something though, seriously. What writer’s strike?

Lost is back, Supernatural is back, LAO is on (and great so far if you havne’t checked it out), there are two new series starting up, plus Lipstick Jungle, Nip/Tuck is on, Prison Break, American Idol (and why do people say that Simon is mean? He’s not mean, he’s just honest), House is back and and and we even had a new Criminal Minds last week!!!!!

I finished His Majesty’s Dragon on Wednesday and all I can say is WOW! I really have got to get the next two books. I think one of the things I loved best (and found really interesting) is that it didn’t read like historical fantasy but historical fiction. The one thing that kind of bugged me…the dragons sounded so YOUNG–in some cases it fit and really if that’s my only beef, then puh-leeze. 🙂

Up next, I have no clue…I need to start on my RITA books though. But this weekend we’ve got basketball–what are you guys up to and what have you read lately?

Oooooooo I found out the Manuscript Mavens’ Valentines DayChoose Your Own Adventure is ON!!! They’ve kicked things off with Colleen Gleason…I”m up on Sunday so stay tuned and it runs through Valentines Day. It’s gonna be a gas!

3 thoughts on “Smell That?

  1. This is why I WALK everywhere I can. I’ve never been a car person. I know sooner or later I’ll have to give in and learn how to drive but the longer I can hold out the better.

    Love, love, LOOOOOVE the new blog layout! It’s so prettiliscious!

  2. DUDE. You totally changed your site. I like it!

    And that book sounds good. I’m going to have to look into it. 🙂