Shiloh’s Auction and a Deadline Island Report

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Fellow author Shiloh Walker is doing an ebay auction to benefit cyclone victims in Myanmar (via Save the Children). The full list of items can be seen here. There’s TONS of great books (Anya Bast, Beth Williamson, Charlene Teglia, Ann Jacobs, Kate Angel, Sara Reinke, yours truly and of course Ms. Shiloh herself!).

Go forth and bid!

Instead of blogging at Naughty and Spice Tuesday, I’m blogging at the Cobblestone Press blog*. I hope you’ll stop by.

And then on Wednesday I”m blogging at the Romance Junkies Blog*

And if you’re at all interested in what’s coming our way this fall on TV, Upfront is just around the corner. I’ve heard we have more Life, Heroes, Terminator:SCC and Eli Stone coming as well as Gossip Girl, Reaper and Supernatural. And of course Joss Wheadon has a new series in the works *drool* I’ve been um doing research watching lots of Buffy and Angel–how the hell did I miss Angel?

(*This is as much a reminder for me as it is for ya’ll Hehe)

TUESDAY UPDATE: The auction is up to 500.00!!!! Over at Naughty and Spice with my RITA scores. And blogging about the high cost of a good time at the Cobblestone Blog.

I got tons of writing/plotting done last night and I’m off to dump my Alpha Smart.

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