School’s Out

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school’s out. Teacher let the fools out…..and now all of us parents will pay for the next 9 weeks :die:

I’ve got to finish reading Seducing Simon for poor Maya/Sharon (who announced the sale of four more books and then LEFT US TO GO ON VACATION! :biteme: ) I’ve got about 75 pages to go, so look for my review on Monday or Tuesday. I also need to get some writing done :ohdear:

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on the kid’s poem! I’m gonna have my copy framed :yippee:

2 thoughts on “School’s Out

  1. Now that I’m getting my bedroom back (and my trusty bedstand lamp – long story) I can get back to reading. I’ve read approximately 3 books in three months – not good.:wth:

  2. Just now saw this post (I am so far behind – schools out YIKES!)

    The first day of break I hear twin rounds of “I’m bored.” I say twins as I could keep one of two occupied at a time but then the other two – it’s gonna be a long summer!