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This week’s ‘scope

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Popular conceptions of Jesus depict him as
bearded and long-haired. Not so, declares fundamentalist Pastor Jack
Hyles on his website. He says Christ was clean-shaven and had a pixie-cut
hairstyle parted in the middle and curled up at the ends. After studying
Hyles’ arguments, however, I believe his evidence is flimsy — just as I find
no merit in his implication that Jesus was a stuffy, prudish right-winger
who loved rich white men best and taught that we should eliminate
people we disagree with. So I’m sticking with my image of Jesus as a
peaceful yet rebellious hippie who didn’t own property, hung out with
social outcasts, was strongly anti-authoritarian, and loved everyone, even
his enemies. I bring this to your attention, Leo, in the hope that you’ll be
inspired by my example. It’s time to revisit one of your best teacher’s
essential messages, and rededicate yourself to those beautiful truths.

WORD *Insert peace sign here*

Off to give my money to the man…the one at the Saturn dealership.

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