RIP Gertrude…long live the new Gertrude

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It’s been a long week at Casa Cece….Saturday I slept all day. Like ALL day–xoxo to the Benadryl!!! Then Sunday I wrote chi-ironall. Like ALL Day. Like 28 fracking pages on a wip that hit me from nowhere, all day. Then the kids came home. #1 touched my flat iron in ways I can’t describe, mostly cuz I didn’t see it but I know it was moved from one bathroom to the other. Now, I’m sure you’re going, “WTF it’s a flat iron, who cares?!”

But this is no ordinary Flat Iron.  There are some things I’ll skimp on, like cereal, and some things you never skimp on–like Pop Tarts and Flat Irons. Srsly. Don’t laugh. I paid 100 bucks about 4 (maybe 5) years ago. I love my flat iron with a passion and fervor that knows no bounds.  You can’t comprehend unless you have the type of hair that NEEDS a flat iron–which I do.

Anyway, Sunday night son #1 (Elvis) touched my flat iron. It quit working. There were many angry looks and much teeth gnashing.  Mostly cuz he has no respect for anybody’s anything. And of course, there’s the whole Fugly Hair thing.

I decide to wait until MOnday and hit Ulta 3 to price new irons. I can get one at Overstock but there’s the whole shipping thing and if I can pay the same price as it would cost me with shipping, I’ll just buy it Monday. Except I get up Monday AM and my flat iron is ON! WOOT! GERTRUDE LIVES!!!!!

Gertrude was great, Gertrude was FINE! I turned Gertrude on this morning, ran around, checked twitter, brought in laundry, hung out more laundry, washed laundry, stacked dishes in sink, washed hair and dried hair, plugged in Gertrude, drank 3 cups of coffee, watered front and back yard, went in to iron hair and Gertrudes red light was OFF!

*sob* I poked, I prodded, I begged, I whined but Gertrude had apparently decided that she’d ironed her last iron.  Today I’ve been relegated to Fugly Hair and tonight I’m off to ULTA 3 to price flat irons because they won’t show their prices online (Commy fuckers).  FYI ULTA 3…..Bed Bath and Beyond….yeah that store RIGHT NEXT TO YOU…they’re selling plain black Chi’s for 129.00 and I got a coupon in the mail yesterday for 10.00 off. Take Heed!!!

That said, if I can’t get a cute iron, I might suck it up and have Fugly Hair while I wait on to ship me this bad boy. Tell me you’re not drooling with jealousy!

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