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March 2017

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Redheaded Stranger

  • Publisher: Dancehall Diaries, Ltd.
  • Series: Bluebonnet Book 2.5
  • Release Date: 6/2015
  • eBook ISBN: 9781513064017
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook

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When Keilana Boudreaux married the love of her life, Alexander Boudreaux, she understood that he was estranged from his family, but the birth of their son changes everything.

Nobody holds a grudge like a redhead-Alexander is proof of that. Ten years ago he found out his father had an affair. . .and a child. Unable to forgive or forget, he stayed away until one fateful Thanksgiving.  Instead of telling his family about his own marriage (and child), he loses his cool.

But Zander isn’t the only one with a fiery temper. When Kei finds out what really happened, she issues an ultimatum-tell your family about us. Zander refuses and Kei takes matters into her own hands, packs up the car and heads for Bluebonnet, Texas, and her unsuspecting in-laws.

*Warning this book contains a secret baby (or two), family feuds, and married people having hot sexy times.

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“I cannot believe you let Alex leave you alone for Thanksgiving,” John Shakela spoke from his position over the turkey fryer. He’d stationed himself at the far end of the patio and instructed the kids to stay inside while he fried the twelve-pound bird.

“Didn’t really have much choice.”

“Keilana—” Connie called from the kitchen window, “–he should have taken you both with him. Just ripped off the Band-Aid.”

“I know.” Sighing, I set down my wine glass and met John Junior, who’d appeared at the door with a squirming Darrach in his arms. “Thanks, baby.”

Thanksgiving in Texas had turned out to be a balmy day with crystal blue skies and very little wind. The type of day made for sitting outside as long as possible. But spending Thanksgiving with friends wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind.

“You’re welcome, Aunt Kei.”

I reclaimed my seat, then settled the baby on my lap to continue my conversation. “But since he didn’t, I appreciate you guys taking us in for the holiday.”

“That’s what best friends are for.” He saluted me with his beer can, then nodded toward the door where John Junior stood teasing one of his sisters. “You kids settle down. We’re eating soon.”

“Yes, Dad.”

“And tell the girls I said for all of you to set the table for your mother.”

“Yes, Dad.”

The glass door slid closed, and John and I exchanged grins. From the kitchen came the soft sound of his wife Connie’s laughter.

I settled my own son on my lap. “You know, he’s the best of a pretty good lot there, John.”

“I do know,” John said, “and I intend to keep him that way.”

“I just hope mine turn out half as well.” Before I could say more, my cell phone rang. “Speak of the devil. It’s Alex.” Grimacing nervously, I hit ‘talk’, anxious to find out how my husband’s trip home had gone.

“Hey baby. It’s me.”

“Alex!” Wishing I had a free hand to sip my wine with, I nervously picked at Darrach’s curls instead. Had he told them? How did they react? “I thought you’d be in the middle of dinner by now?”

“Naw.  I made my peace, but not exactly how we thought.”

“Alex,” I scolded, struggling to speak past the disappointment that clogged my throat. My family was in Hawaii; Alex’s family was just a few hours away, but thanks to his temper, they might as well have been in Hawaii, too. He was supposed to have told his family about us–about Darrach and me.

“I tried. I really did, but I just couldn’t…”

I listened reluctantly to the rest of his explanation, while our infant son tilted his head back and watched me, his blue eyes as bright as his father’s. After hanging up, I drained my wine glass then cursed under my breath.

“He didn’t tell them, did he?” John asked.

Barely able to speak, I shook my head, then worked out a, “Nope.”

Sighing, he came to stand in front of me. “Do you think it’s because they won’t approve?”

“I don’t know,” I said, and I honestly didn’t. We’d been married for three years after a whirlwind courtship. Initially, I’d accepted that he was estranged from his family, but now we had a child. “He says it’s because his half-sister is now living with his parents.” At John’s raised eyebrow I explained, “His dad cheated.”

“Whoa.” John looked as grim as I felt. “Cheating’s pretty serious business.”

“I agree, but is that really it or is it just an excuse?”


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