Reading Writing and No Net

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LOL so Yes obviously I have ‘net now. But I went digging in my TBR pile last Wednesday when I was home all afternoon with no net and crappy cable and came up with this which I bought after Diana P recommended it last year. I finished it by Thursday, jumped on and ordered the last two books in the series, Pretties and Specials.

In a word…WOW! I see a glomming in my future LOL These are by far three of the best books I’ve read all year. They’re YA books but that didn’t bother me in the least, the writing is tight and well done, as is the world building and the characterization. *sigh*

In the writing front, I recreated the lost pages on Nailed, and managed like 17 more, so I’m write on target. The other proposal is nearly wrapped up *cough* Okay Cinde is done and Bianca is pretty much done, I just need 1 page synopsis on each.

Okay SAved is coming on–am I the only one watching Saved???–must run.


15 thoughts on “Reading Writing and No Net

  1. Don’t even know what SAVED is – DOH!

    But school starts in TWO DAYS – OMG – WAHOO!!!!

    yay on the writing – I did 43 pages last week and 6 today… YAY ME

  2. Saved is a show on TNT and it rocks but I’ll be honest and tell you that last night was a hard episode to watch. It’s about EMT’s and if you’re interested it’s repeated at some point during the week.

    Congrats on the pages missy! I need a week like that like really bad :fly:

  3. I’m so jealous that the writing is on track, Amie. I so wish I were you! But, congratulations!! Haven’t heard of the books you now love, but I’ll have to check them out.

  4. I’ve never heard of Saved. Hmm. So you lost 17 pages!? :crazy: I would have started crying. Those YA books sound fun. Honestly, I think more adults read those YA than teenagers 😀

  5. Rachelle did you not get any writing done at Nationals? How goes the man hunt? I need to stop by!

    Shelli…I only lost six on Nailed. Six measly pages and I spent a whole day fretting about them and the other proposal. But I managed to add 17 pages to Nailed this weekend.

    I probably would have just come completely ungled over that second proposal (we’re talking nervous breakdown here) if Andrea hadn’t still had the copy I sent her.

  6. Reading YA is a nice break from writing sex….. :kiss:
    I think the key to great YA books is that they’re great books that just happen to have teenage characters in them.

  7. Jill! My friend in Saved-ness! Last night was one of the best!

    Linda–they are so worth it!!!

  8. Larissa you totally nailed what i love about Saved :memememe:

    Thanks Mik, thanks Sandy!