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I’m blogging at Southern Fried Chicas on query letters. I think this’ll be a two-parter.

Started reading Earthly Pleasures while getting a pedi on Saturday and ended up finishing it after a 2-hour worldbuilding chat with Vee. Here’s the blurb:

From Publishers Weekly
Neches presents in her appealingly unorthodox debut a heaven where angels lust, drink and follow terrestrial celebrity gossip. Skye Sebring is a greeter in the Hospitality Department of Heaven who finds herself drawn to the Earthly Pleasures TV channel (reality TV for Heaven dwellers) after she welcomes the handsome, reformed playboy Ryan Bad Boy Blaine to the pearly gates. The lawyer son of a former president, Ryan’s stay in heaven is cut short (his death is more of the brush-with-death variety), but he can’t forget Skye, who reminds him of someone he knew. The feeling is mutual for Skye, who follows Ryan back to Earth, where it’s pretty apparent there’s something strange going on with Ryan’s wife, Susan, who is planning a huge gala wedding follow-up to their earlier low-key impromptu nuptials. As Skye investigates her connection with Ryan and Ryan looks into what’s causing his wife’s strange behavior (he also forms a radio call-in show habit), a tangled story of cold ambition and true love unspools. Neches’s funny and sweet novel shows that to err is human and angelic as well. (Feb.)

I love, love LOVED the first two-thirds of this book. If for reading her take on heaven alone, I highly recommend–it’s a RIOT. The last 1/3 was good but not as much fun and there was a secondary storyline that felt forced and didn’t work for me. Overall, I’d still recommend it because it’s such a fun read. (It’s WF w/a romance). I’d LOVE to see another book set in the same heavenly world.

We have football on Tuesday so I’m sure I’ll pick another book from the pile to start. This brings my years total to 13

2 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Thanks for the review. I’d read the blurb and part of the first chapter, and it sounded very good, and had EXCELLENT reviews.
    I think I will pick it up.
    Wonder if there’ll be a sequel?

  2. Raine I really hope she writes more books set in that world. There’s this one character…..let’s just say she’s not exactly what you’d expect to find in heaven *ggg*