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Lots of random madness this morning! First off for my fellow suc–er Nano Participants I set up a page where you can post progress or whine or gloat or whatever………:memememe:

Now, let’s talk lipstick and other funny stuff you only notice at the most inopertune moments.

Washed hair, dried hair, went to flatiron hair and flatiron wouldn’t work. All I could think was, “Oh my God, I’m gonna have to go see Chris looking like Roseanna Roseanna Danna’s little sister dressed up for Halloween.”

Apparently there’s something wrong with the plug in my bathroom, so instead of RRD’s sister, I looked like a porcupine with really red lips.

Speaking of lips….I bought new lipstick. I’ll freely admit I have a lipstick fetish :flirt: …I can’t seem to help myself. I even bought a color for special, going-out occasions (this includes Target). I tried Sappho out one day and was pleased to see that it went on well, dried quick and set in place for just hours. So I put some on Saturday night (after outlining my lips) but ….. my lips are crooked 😕 –look at your lips sometime and tell me I’m not the only one.

So I kept trying to fix my lips with the lip liner. I finally got it right…….

NEVER eat tamales after putting on your lipstick.

Total meltdown :yell: It was all clumpy and icky and gritty!!!!!!! And it’s not like I’m a messy eater or anything, my lipstick FREAKED OUT. How do you get long-lasting lipstick off and not ruin your makeup? Very carefully.

* Why do I own so many clothes with spandex in them? Oh yeah, cuz I haven’t had a chance to THROW THEM ALL OUT YET. The only redeaming piece of spandex-riddled clothing I own is my Levi’s Boot Cut Jeans TYVM. 😡 So every time I walked by the closet, I’d yank a shirt over my head, look in the mirror, yank it off and toss it in it’s rightful place on the closet floor. It doesn’t matter HOW MANY shirts I try on because inevitably at the 9 3/4 hour I will change my shirt.

This is like Commandments according to Lady Celia of the Mighty Mouth . I have left my children sitting in the car, waiting to go eat/see a movie/shop/go to doctor whatever, to change my shirt. Sure as shit, I call Dennie, tell her I’m running a few seconds late (lipstick) and go change my freakin’ shirt :dead:

More writerly stuff soon……….

*edited to add: If you weigh 275 pounds DO NOT wear a white spandex cami-top. 1) it looks like shit on you 2) apparently you didn’t get the memo–it’s COLD OUTSIDE and more importantly 3) IT’S AFTER LABOR DAY!!!!! This is not a “big girl’s shouldn’t try to be sexy” thang. This is a “Don’t you have any self-respect?” thang.

6 thoughts on “Random Madness

  1. I bought a lipstick yesterday at Target. Loreal’s Endless something. I HATE IT!! I hate these stay on lipsticks! Why do I keep buying them?! I hate the dried up feel of them. I wasted friggin’ $8.00 in the sucker.

    I love Levis stretch bootcut jeans. My faves! And yes, my lips are crooked, too. I have a pretty crooked smile.

  2. 😛 LMOA! ROF! Oh, Ceec, you sound like me! The flat iron incident would’ve sent me into meltdown mode alone :uzi:…thank GOD I don’t wear those lipsticks that last, and last, and last! I’d rather just take mine with me and re-apply it ten or twelve times!

    But the shirt thing…most definitely ME! Sometimes, if I’m not totally happy with what I’m wearing…I pack a change (or spare shirt or whatever) for “just in case”! :dead: Just in case what? I want to go try to change my outfit in an outhouse?? :dead: :dead:

  3. :dork: Or port-a-potty rather, but whatever, you get the idea! And the spare outfit usually never leaves the truck, so pretty much, it’s futile…but at least I know it’s “there” just in case! :poof:

  4. Trace I LOVE this lipstick though! It’s very light like a liquid and it lasts and comes with a real shiny topcoat you can add. I think it was the lipliner that made it melt down 😳

    Kel *shaking head* my baby sister. 😎