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Er except I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh yeah.  I’m debating whether to get a DVR (through the cable co) or TIVO.  I’d love for those of you who have one to weigh in, tell me what you have, which model etc and how much you love it.  My hairdresser has TIVO and loves it but I worry about compatibility problems with my digital cable etc.  Not sure if I’m borrowing trouble here or not.  Anyway I’m hoping having TIVO or something will help with the writing, among other things like, say, the fucking end of football season.  (Sorry Karin but getting up at 6 to haul the kid around ain’t my idea of fun).

In other news I seriously need to get my ass in gear so other than blogging weekly over at SFC and a couple times a week over here, I’m going to be scarce.

11 thoughts on “Quick Recap

  1. OMG – I LOVE MY DVR – I don’t know how we lived before we could rewind live tv – it’s so bad I reached for the remote the other day when the dh said something I didn’t catch :doh

  2. You totally crack me up! I called and I can go just trade out the boxes tomorrow and it’s cheaper than TIVO–not sure how hard it is to use and I see a fight coming with my childrne about MY remote and MY DVR but we’ll cross that bridge…..LOL

  3. I (cringe) still use a VCR…until it dies. My techie brother, though had the divo, which I mastered that week I stayed in Seattle. I stil miss it :pleasepleaseplease:

  4. We had TIVO first. Loved it. The machine is very intuitive. We switched to the DVR because it can record two shows at once. It’s not near as user friendly as TIVO, but works well. Rumor has it that cable companies are in talks with TIVO right now in hopes that they will design the next box. I have my fingers crossed.

  5. JOrdan the older boxes are free or cheap (I checked the website nad I think the 30.00 box records 2 channels!) but they go as high as like 799! Yikes!

    Marty I don’t have the patience to set the VCR and buy tapes and stuff *sigh* I should LOL

    Tess just order it LOL :woot:

  6. I LOVE my TiVo! We’ve got it through DirecTV, and mine WILL record two shows at once. Of course, that means when my husband finally decides he wants to watch something on regular satellite, he can’t because I’ve got the box tied up recording two shows.

    The good news is he eventually broke down and put a TiVo for me upstairs, too. :fly:

  7. I want one, too! I still have the VCR, too, but it IS a pain. And what if I want to tape more than one show?

    When I sell, I’m totally getting a Tivo. Or DVR. Whichever you guys think is better!

  8. Raine the downside to cordless phones is you can’t use them if you have no power!!!!!

    JOrdan my DVR doesn’t record two at once–it’ll record and then record whatever I’m watching but that’s it.

    Mary it’s 10.00 a month through the cable co. I can see the up and down side to it already. It’s super-easy to program a show or a series but you can’t do two at once. Not sure if it’s easier or harder than a regular DVR (maybe Jaq will weigh in) but I love the fact I don’t have a third piece of equipment hooked up (I have a dvd/vcr player and the cable box).

  9. 6 a.m? Like in the morning? Not my idea of fun either, but every once in awhile, I have to save face and be the one to take the butt head in early when his coaches, who for some unknown reason think yawning football players will actually remember anything they heard at such an ungodly hour. :wth:

    I’d much rather go for a brunch meeting.