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I actually have a lot of things I want to blog about and when I get time — :memememe: yeah right–I’ll do a bunch and “post date” them.

But for today let’s talk about that ugly thing called self-promotion (and most of this will probably only apply to epubbing) and all those ugly things no one tells you–namely EVERYTHING.

The only thing kept more secret than how to write a book is how to self promote. First off, just like in writing, there are NO NEW IDEAS. Which really sucks ass. The most original thing I’ve been able to come up wtih is character interviews (that I’m probably going to stop posting on my blog since I don’t get a lot of reader traffic anyway).

Secondly, don’t join a bunch of reading loops and spam them every time you have a new release, or an upcoming chat or news. Do you know what happens after I get the same email for the fourth time? I delete it. I don’t read it. And I get pissy about it. Unfortunately for promtional purposes (stuff I’ve done with the muses) I’ve ended up on extra loops which means extra mail. I”m not complaining, it’s just a sad fact.

Anyway back to spamming…Lemme clue you in on a little secret. Many readers are on many of the same loops. In other words, a lot of the readers on Romance Junkie Readers are also on FARChatters. Now, if I, as a writer, am annoyed beyond redemption, how do you think those readers feel? :poof: EXACTLY!

One writer friend suggested spreading the notices out over a few days. I also vote for hitting just a few important lists.

A few Romance Websites:
The Romance Studio
The Best Reviews
A Romance Review
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Fallen Angels Reviews
Enchanted Romance
Love Romances
Road To Romance
Romance Junkies
Coffeetime Romance
Joyfully Reviewed

So come on spill all your dirty little promo secrets. Point us toward other review places.

Tomorrow I’ll try to touch on what you do with all those review links….besides request reviews.

20 thoughts on “Promo

  1. I don’t think self-promotion like that works. I’ve tried the ads in magazines, giveaways, list reminders, and to be honest, I don’t notice any difference in monthly sales. Sadly, there’s only so much you can do. The rest depends on word of mouth.

  2. Jordan….do you know why it doesn’t work (posting on lists)? Because you’ve just annoyed the hell out of EVERYONE and their DOG!!!!!!! :dead:

    “Name recognition” and “getting the word out” are one thing, but beating a dead dildo is quite another. :zipit:

    Raine…. :memememe:

  3. I have in mind that commercial years ago – picture: Heather Locklear – you tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so …

    just get your name and title out there – you know the Rosebuds will talk you up! :woot:

  4. You know, I can always count on a good laugh from the Raine and Cece show. 🙂

    I totally feel the same way about all the self promotion on loops and stuff. I’m on no mail on most of them because I get sick of wading through self promo crap.

    So if you figure out the BIG secret, let me know. Maybe by then, I”ll have a book to promote. 🙂

  5. Jaq also plopping down besides Raine…

    You got a point, Cece, I pretty much delete all those emails. I think low-key is better, like just having the link to your site/blog in your sig line. And maybe add your ‘announcements’ there too when they come up. I’ve click onto a lot of sig lines out of sheer curiosity. Plus, as Dennie and Jordan mention, nothing beats word of mouth. To be honest all the self-promo in the world ain’t gonna make me buy a book. 😛

  6. Great topic!

    I agree 100%. It’s not the self promo that sells books, it’s the reader word of mouth. Enthusiasm is contageous. So when a reader is excited about something they just read, and they tell others, it catchs on.

    I know ePublishers say that givign away too many free books won’t get you sales, but I also disagre wiht that. I figure if it takes me giving away one book to hook a new reader, hopefully enough so that they’ll look for my others, that I say go for it!

    ALthough, the bad side of the coin on that is that it seems like it’s always the same people entering to win the free books too, so do they ever really buy any? 😳

  7. Great post, Cece! I imagine the majority of our readers aren’t really active online participants. Most of those who follow the lists are rarely vocal. They prefer to observe in silence and are more interested in having us create new, quality stories for them, as quickly as possible, than watching us post promo material all over.

    There’s only so much we can do besides create a blog, a newsletter, a website, make occasional personal appearances, and posting to the various chat lists (without overdoing it). I use my writer’s voice as much as possible online, especially in my blog and on my website. That voice is humorous because I write romantic comedy. If readers like what they see, there’s a good chance they’ll invest some time and money in one of my books. And if that makes the reader a fan, then it’s my responsibility to provide an ongoing selection of books.

    Personally, I buy books because of the blurbs, the excerpts and even sometimes because of the cover. If I’m lucky enough to find an author I really like, then I’ll purchase her backlist as well as her future releases. And whether I do or don’t like an author, I’ll tell my family and friends–word of mouth. I think that’s similar to what happens with readers and the books we write.

    The single worst thing a writer can do to sabotage their sales and their image, in my humble opinion, is to forget that our written words remain on the Internet and pop up globally during random searches for years. Too many writers forget this, or, perhaps, just don’t care. Instead of entertaining current and prospective readers, they use the power of their words to be unkind, spiteful, hateful, argumentative, create flame wars, etc. Such actions would definitely deter me from purchasing an author’s books and I’d bet it deters the agents, editors and publishers who are behind the scenes observing. 😯

  8. My book came out a year ago and this past year, I’ve been plugging it by going on radio talk shows and syndicating columns all over the net on my subject (soul mates). I do see a difference in Amazon sales when I do.:woot: Of course, Amazon is a strange beast, you never know what causes those rankings to go up or down. But, the thing is, you need an author platform. Word of mouth is great and even better than anything you can have, but you still gotta get media or online exposure. Gotta agree with you on the spamming in groups…eeek…I hate that with a passion.:uzi:

  9. just get your name and title out there – you know the Rosebuds will talk you up!

    THanks Dennie

  10. Danica (glad we amuse 😉 )…Jaq…I think it’s about word of mouth. Well I know it is but here’s the catch 22. If people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy your book and if they can’t buy your book, they can’t talk about you.

    Since I actually have time to promote my next release, this is something I’m giving a lot of thought to.

  11. Sasha…I agree on the prize thing. STill mulling that dilemma.

    Free books? I think giving away free e-books is like buying used books in print. Like you said, if you give a reader a free book and they like it, they’re more apt to buy your backlist.

  12. I use my writer’s voice as much as possible online

    LOL I never thought about this but I probably do this too. Or my writer’s voice is the only one I have 😕

    Instead of entertaining current and prospective readers, they use the power of their words to be unkind, spiteful, hateful, argumentative, create flame wars, etc.

    See now this is something I’m torn about. I Have encountered Writers Behaving Badly and there are writers whose books I won’t buy forever and a day. I personally try not to behave badly, and I’m very conscious of everything I post even when I post about questionable subjects like politics. Politics being, of course, the toughest line for my big mouth to walk. :zipit:

  13. On the flip side of the political argument is ALisa Valdez Rodriguez author of Dirty Girl’s Social Club. She’s VERY political on her blog (and of course, published) but hers is one of my alltime fave blogs. She’s very vocal and passionate about her political feelings but doesn’t beat the …dead dildo (sorry Raine).

  14. DOrothy thanks for stopping by! I think it goes back to, if people don’t know you exist, they can’t talk about you! Soul Mates huh? Gonna have to check it out.

  15. We ARE having a problem with the ‘dead dildo’ thing, hmmm??? :memememe:

    I have BIG problems with the promo thing (as my road partner Cece knows). I’ve listened to other pros say, “do this, do that…”
    I’ve listened to people at the e-pub I’m pubbed at say, “chats, ads, blogs, etc. haven’t made a lick of difference in my sales”.
    And I know best-sellers who SEEM to do very little, if ANYTHING, to promote their books. But I’ve heard of them, & I buy their stuff.

    And if it’s the word-of-mouth thing that does it–as Ames said, what if people haven’t heard of you? How long would it take for that ‘word’ to get around??
    Gawd–it’s like campaigning for Homecoming Queen! 🙁

  16. Campaigning for Queen is useless. THe same girls always won, so why bother?

    And I know best-sellers who SEEM to do very little, if ANYTHING, to promote their books. But I’ve heard of them, & I buy their stuff.

    Because (and I’m talking print not ebook) they’ve been out here so long their name is probably burned in your memory. They don’t HAVE to work as hard at it–or maybe they have to work hard in different ways. When you reach NYTimes status, chances are you’re getting an advertising budget and an in house publicity person (as well as maybe one you hire with your money). THe point of branding is to become a household name, I think, and of course, an auto-buy.