Profit and Loss and Basketball, Oh My

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Remember when I posted about Exxon’s record profit a few weeks back?

Check this out…..

General Motors reported a fourth-quarter loss of $722 million on Tuesday and offered more buyouts to all 74,000 of its unionized employees in another bid to keep its turnaround from stalling…(snip)For all of 2007, GM posted a loss of $38.7 billion, the biggest ever for an automaker.

Interesting…….in ways that turn my tummy.

Now on to the Mavericks attempt to get Jason Kidd. MARK CUBAN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING???? You’re trading off nearly the ENTIRE starting lineup for Jason and someone we’ve never heard of? WTF?!

Here’s the breakdown: He [Devean George]and point guard Devin Harris, swingman Jerry Stackhouse, center DeSagana Diop, guard Maurice Ager, two first-round picks and cash [reportedly 3 million dollars which is probably pocket change to Cuban] were to be sent to New Jersey for Kidd and forward Malik Allen.

The upside is, NJ will reportedly buy out Stackhouse’s contract so he can RETURN to the Mavs. I love me some Jerry. And don’t get me wrong, Kidd can play some mean ball (and he’s HAWT HELLO can I rub your head, sugar? *drool*) but he’s OLD!!!!!! Yes, he’s younger than me, but in basketball years, 30-something is old. Hello, did you see what they did to Shaq (who, btw, is like 35 or 36 and injured)?

Update from Bailey!:

The NBA will investigate the possibility the Mavericks and Stackhouse violated league rules with a prearranged agreement for the forward to return to Dallas after reaching a contract buyout in New Jersey and sitting out the 30-day waiting period, sources said. Several league sources said the NBA will consider forbidding Stackhouse to re-sign with the Mavericks this season as punishment for public comments the forward made on Wednesday that suggested tampering could have occurred.

If it comes to that, the deal is dead. Dallas owner Mark Cuban wouldn’t complete the trade for Kidd without a belief that he could bring back Stackhouse this season. Ultimately, sources say, Mavericks management decided that losing Stackhouse would be too hard of a hit to the Mavericks’ depth, too steep a price to pay for Kidd.

kitty12.jpgAnd then…….last but not least, Texas has finally rescinded a, ahem, personal massager law and Smart Bitches is celebrating. I think the contest is closed but no blog day should pass by without sharing this image.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office, which represented the Travis County district attorney in the case, has not decided whether to appeal, said agency spokesman Tom Kelley.

Um dude, might want to cut your losses, k? Cuz it was a stupid law to begin with.

It’s Friday. No writing, but I did start reading the bestest book ever last night! OMG I’ve been dying for some good chick lit women’s fiction. Okay fine, chick lit. I don’t care if it’s “dead”, because I wasn’t one of those folks who glutted myself on it in the first place. So anyway I started reading this book last night and I could TOTALLY see Mik writing this. It’s sarcastic, it’s funny, but it’s not bitter which is what makes it work especially since it’s a “post-divorce” story. And of course, it’s about something ALL WOMEN can relate to.

Last but not least, I’m gonna ask ya’ll to pray for my good friend Kody. He’s a young’un undergoing some very scary surgery on Monday. *sigh* (Aunt Amie Loves ya bud!)

I’m out…….have a good one.

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